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Hili Test EDS & Pulsed EMI Test Equipment

Hilo-Test GmbH was founded in 1978 and already the next year, the first pulse generator was developed and sold. We are the largest and oldest German manufacturer of EMC devices with a very wide range of products.
SESD 230CE-Surge
Spitzenberger & Spies

Spitzenberger & Spies is one of the leading manufacturers of analogous high performance amplifiers for industrial measurement and testing systems for over 40 years. The product palette is being enhanced by different analysers, measurement devices and accessories in order to allow our customers time saving testing and measuring at complete systems.

Your partner for
Icon for photovoltaic converteres

Photovoltaic test systems

Icon for automotive and avionic supply simulation system

Automotive & Avionic test systems

Icon for Current and voltage sources

Current and voltage sources

Icon for EMC test systems

EMC test systems

Icon for customer specific special test benches

Customer specific special test benches

Cuming Microwave

EMC, RF & Microwave Absorber 26MHz to 100GHz

Pyramidal, High Power, Walkway, Outdoor, Etc..



Cuming SFC Absorber
Liberty Labs

Welcome Liberty Labs, Inc.
Offering a full range of accredited calibration
Liberty Calibration Companies

Introduces two New EMC Test Products

YRS03 - 10MHz to 6GHz Reference Source

CNEVI - 30Hz to 6GHz Comparison Noise Emitter
York YRS03

Introduces new Free Space Turntable

Model: FS-121

RS-232 Control from your PC

12" Diameter Deck, 12" to 48" High

Free Space Turntable 

New Ultra Wideband 0.8 - 40 GHz Omni Antenna

Model Number QOM0.8-40KL

Frequency 0.8 - 40 GHz
Gain -2.2 to 6.9 dBi for 1 to 40 GHz
< 3.5:1 max, typically < 2.5:1
-3 dB Beamwidth (Elevation)
140 to 20 degrees
-10 dB Beamwidth (Elevation)
170 to 44.5 degrees
Azimuth ripple
Typically < +/- 1 dB on horizon
Power handling 40 Watt c.w.
Weight 720 g
100 mm diameter x 108 mm long inc. connector
Connector type (2.92mm)
K type jack
Construction Aluminium and engineered plastics
Mounting Angled mounting plate

Antenna Measurement Systems

Ideal for RF & Wireless Antenna

Design & Test, DC to 40 GHz


  Azimuth Axis (Horizontal)

360° Rotation with 1/16° Increments

Elevation Axis (Vertical)

± 45° Rotation with 1/10° Increments


New 250 lb capacity model available NOW

antenna measurement


The all new x250 series antenna measurement systems are the newest addition to the Diamond Engineering lineup Featuring dual-axis encoded stepper movement with advanced 3D Measurement Software. A new Ethernet control option eliminates the need for the now disappearing RS-232 communication port. A 400lb capacity tripod is included for the most demanding loads


CPI (formerly varian) introduces

new TWT amplifier systems


40 GHz to 50 GHz  50 Watts CW

TWT Power Amplifier





SmartScan™ Immunity (Susceptibility) and EMI Scanners


Amber Precision Instruments of Santa Clara announces the world’s first fully automated immunity scanner for accurately pinpointing areas of system and device susceptibility to the effects of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and other electrical disturbances. By stimulating areas of a board or system and monitoring for system upset, SmartScanTM plots and displays sensitive areas including relative levels of sensitivity.

EMI Scanner 





Reflection-Less Spherical Antenna Mount (RSAM)


DC to 18 GHz


10 lb Load Rating


Plug & Play on ANY DAMs Platforms


OPHIR RF Communication Amplifiers

OPHIR RF Introduces New High Power GPS Amplifier


Model 4056


 1175 to 1675 MHz, 500 Watts


Ideal for GPS Applications

Broadband RF & Microwave Amplifiers & Modules

Communication & Band-Specific Amplifiers &Modules

GPS Amplifier 4056-FE (Click for Data)

4056-FE Shown

OPHIR RF Communication Amplifiers

OPHIR RF Introduces Pulsed RF Amplifiers for NMR


OPHIR RF announces the new “6000 Series” designed with NMR in mind. The 6000 Series amplifiers offer power levels from 100W to over 1KW in broadband and band specific applications over the frequency ranges of 20MHz to 4GHz.

Pulsed Broadband RF Amplifiers



CPI (formerly varian) introduces

new TWT amplifier systems


1.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz >1000 Watts CW

Power/Phase Combined System




 York EMC Services Ltd Distributed by Credence Technologies

Comb Generators

up to 26 GHz

Comb Generator Emitters pave the way for a new, easier testing methodology to be used for evaluating the shielding effectiveness required to meet FCC and international emissions regulations.


Comb Generator Emitter 01 (Click to Enlarge) [CGE02 with BP01 battery pack]

EMC Test & Design Consulting

Smart Fieldmeter 



Omni-Directional EM Field Strength Meter


200 kHz to 3 GHz


0.2 to 600 Volts/meter


Complete Kit Under $2,000.00



Smart Fieldmeter Webpage 



Conductive - RF Shielded Glass - 10 Year Warranty

News Article

DataStop Brochure

Introduces new 30 MHz to 6 GHz Antenna

Model: JB-6

200 - 1000 W CW, 6 - 8 dBi gain

Is it time to replace your fragile Chase antenna?

R. A. Mayes Welcomes Genisco Filter

to our lineup of Quality Manufacturers



Facility, Power Line, Signal Line, Custom






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