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Antenna Positioning Towers



Frankonia’s innovative range of positioning devices is entirely compatible with the EMC chamber environment. Our fully automatic antenna mast FAM with electric height scan and electric polarization is available in two sizes:

FAM2-4 for height scans up to 4 m, and FAM2-6 for height scans up to 6 m

FBM1-4 Boresight scans up to 4m




Antenna Positioners

Boresight Positioning Tower


EMC Positioning Towers


Antenna Positioning Towers


Antenna Positioning Tower


FAM Series


EMC Test Tower 






The antenna mast is designed for antennas up to max. 12 kg. For the convenience of the user, the mast comes on wheels, and furthermore it can be folded down for easy handling and transportation.
The control of the antenna is performed by duplex optical fibers, and the automatic operation is performed via GPIB IEEE 488.2. For the control of the antenna mast, the Frankonia controller FC06 is perfectly adapted.

• Accuracy of the height scan ± 5 mm
• Electric polarization from 0°- 90°, vernier adjustment of the polarization angle possible
• Polarization time of about 6 sec
• Polarization accuracy 0.2°
• Manual antenna alignment ± 2°
• Easy positioning of antenna tubes trough a clamp ring
• Conforms to DIN EN 55022/CISPR 22/Class B

EMC Antenna Tower


Boresight Antenna Positioning Tower


Antenna Positioning Tower


FBM 1-4


Boresight Antenna Mast 






FBM 1-4
FRANKONIA’s innovative range of positioning devices is entirely compatible with EMC chamber environments. In case a tilting antenna function in step-wise mode is required, the FRANKONIA boresight mast (FBM) is the right choice. FRANKONIA’s FBM offers an electrical tilt function from 0° to 50°, as well as an electrical vertical movement from 1 to 4 meters. The integrated pneumatic unit ensures the H/V polarization.

Overall, the FBM offers different operating modes:
- Vertical height scan, H/V polarization,no tilt mode (normal antenna direction)
- Vertical height scan, H/V polarization, tilt mode (Boresight) (step-wise or step-less)

The antenna mast construction is compliant with CISPR
16-1-4 and ANSI C63.4. The FBM has been designed for both tilting and no tilting functionality. Various antennas can be attached with suitable adapters (not included) to the antenna mast. The FBM carries up to 8 kg antennas incl. adapter using the tilt function, and up to 12 kg antennas incl. adapter using the normal operation without tilt. A functional safety is guaranteed in case the antenna incl. adapter does not exceed the maximum weight and is balanced with counterweights (2x 3 kg weights included) during setup.

Boresight Antenna Mast Data


 Antenna Positioners


Antenna Polarizing Unit


Model FPD-01


Antenna Polarization Unit 




The polarization unit FPD-01 is designed for the polarization of antennas, and is a perfect complement to the antenna stand FSM 1.6 or FSM 2.0.

The polarization unit FPD-01 is adapted for antennas up to a weight of 5 kg, and has a slewing range from 0° to 90°. The FPD-01 polarization unit has an antenna tube of ř 22 mm, which is equipped with a clamp ring for easy and safe installation of antennas. On the side a
3/8” thread is provided for the installation of a stand. The control is effected by the controller FC06 which is equipped with an additional 24V output. The control signal is fed through the shielded wall via an EMC filter that is mounted on the carrying unit.


• Electric polarization from 0° to 90°
• Polarization time of about 5 sec
• Polarization accuracy of 0.2°
• For antennas up to 5 kg
• Antenna tube of ř 22 mm ± 0.1


Manual Antenna Mast


 Model FSM-1.6 / FSM-2.0 / FSM-4.0


Manual Antenna Mast 




The height level of the double telescopic antenna masts FSM-1.6 and FSM-2.0 can be manually adjusted
from 0.9 / 1.2 m to 1.6 / 2.0 m (depending on the model). The height setting is made within a few seconds.
In order to avoid unwanted reflections the mast rods are made of fibre glass. A collapsible tripod provides a
secure stand and easy adaption to uneven ground. The perpendicular mast adjustment is simplified with a
spirit level mounted at the tripod. A rotatable spider fixes the tripod legs for easy movement within seconds
by one person only. Antennas can be mounted directly on the 3/8” male thread or by the use of adapters for
double stacked antennas.

Description FSM-4.0
The main applications of FSM-4.0 are emission measurements, where frequent height scans are required. Level adjustment from 0.4 m to
4.15 m can easily be done by using the manual winch. The mast can be set up and disassembled without any tools within 2 minutes. The
FSM-4.0 tripod is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications. Thanks to its small transport dimensions it can be stored without problems
even in small cars. The antennas are mounted with their 22 mm tube directly to the support. The polarization is fixed with an indexing
ring for both, vertical and horizontal polarization without tools. There is no additional adapter needed to fix antennas with 22 mm tubes. Each
of the three spider legs can be adjusted individually for a coarse level adjustment on uneven or inclined mounting surfaces.






 System Controller


Model FC-06


Frankonia FC-06 Turntable Controller 


Accuracy of 0.1°/0.2°

Resolution of 0.1°




• Able to control up to six devices
• 19” rack mounting possibility
• Easy and user-friendly software design
• Software updates via USB

Controller FC06 Technical Specification

Dimension (L x W x H) 482.6 mm x 284.5 mm x 88.9 mm
19” rack case, 2 RU
Weight 2 kg

Frankonia’s software for the FC06 runs on any Microsoft Windows® operating system. The software offers two main functions to control and command:
• Combination of up to 6 positioning devices
• Control of devices via optical signal
• Real-time position of each device
• WebVisu software control for tablet, computers or any other mobile devices
• Full programmable functionality due to customer specific test scenario
• Preset a specific test procedure with loop function
• User-friendly interface

The software uses either a USB or GPIB interface to exchange control commands and to receive real-time position information.
EMC Test Software






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