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TMC Design Antennas Index
Helicone GPS Antenna

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Manufactured and Serviced in Las Cruces, NM

 PRC-COM & TMC Design Antenna Index


PRC-COM builds rugged antennas to withstand the most extreme test and operational environments. 
If your system needs to work, work right, work the first time and last a long time, our antennas are the solution. Each product is tested to insure electrical performance. Your out of the box electrical performance will meet your requirements. Each part is machined then measured to insure mechanical specifications are met. This insures fit and long term mechanical performance.

At the TMC Design Antenna Division, we are committed to providing the finest antennas available to meet your requirements. We specialize in high power, airborne and ground based military Electronic Warfare antennas but produce a wide variety of commercial and industrial antennas as well. If you do not find an antenna for your application in our catalog, call or email us for a fast friendly quote on a custom design. TMC Design has antenna design engineers on staff and our own fabrication and test facilities, custom antennas can be designed and fabricated with reasonable delivery times and low NRE costs.

Omnidirectional comes from the Latin word omni meaning every or all and direction. These are patterns that radiate in all directions. Omnidirectional antennas, which radiate omnidirectional patterns, radiate in all directions on a given principal plane (the E or the H plane. The biconical monopole antenna radiates in all directions on the H plane, but it has two nulls (areas of little or no radiation) on the E plane.

Antenna Type

Frequency Range


Omni-Directional Antennas

5G Biconical Monopole Antennas 450 MHz - 6 GHz

Ultra Wide Band Communications Antennas

Standard and High Power

Available as Component or Kit

Available in Commercial and Military Grades

Biconical Monopole Antennas

20 MHz - 6000 MHz

Ultra Wide Band Communications Antennas

Standard and High Power

Available in Commercial and Military Grades

Omni Directional Blade Antenna

215 MHz - 260 MHz

Aircraft Certified

Prim Radiator Monitoring

Wideband Communication Antennas

550 MHz - 3.0 GHz

50 to 1,000 Watts

Portable, Mobile and Fixed Antennas

Commercial, Industrial and MIL Spec

Directional Antennas

Custom Dish Antennas

1 GHz to 18 GHz

L-Band Frequency
Circular or Linear Polarization

Communications systems

EW systems (both airborne and ground based) 

Wide variety of test applications

Optimum Gain Horn Antennas

500 MHz - 40 GHz

Wide Bandwidth
Rugged Construction
Gain to 20 dB
Linear Polarization
VSWR 2:1

PRC-COM Helical Antennas 500 MHz - 6 GHz Gain to 15 dB
Power up to 1,000 Watts
Right or Left Hand
Circular Polarization

Helical Antennas

100 MHz - 2250 MHz

Gain to 15 dB
Right or Left Hand
Circular Polarization

PRC-COM GPS Antennas

1.2 GHz - 1.8 GHz

Threat Representative
Linear Polarization
Rugged Construction
Single or Dual Helix
Direction Finder

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