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RF Shielded Rooms - Solid Wall

Universal Shielding Corp.

Universal Shielding Corp.

Manufactured and Serviced in Deer Park, NY USA

Universal Shielding Corp. (USC) was established in 1972 and during this time span has provided in excess of 30,000 pre-fabricated  modular RF shielded enclosures to military, commercial and medical facilities. USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception. Universal Shielding Corp. is the second largest RF shielding manufacturer in the United States.


Enclosures meet TEMPEST and HEMP specifications NSA-65-5, NSA-94-106 and MIL-STD-285.

USC designs, manufactures, installs, and tests its RF shielded enclosures nationally and internationally.

USC's reliability, scope and quality of their services have earned them a well deserved reputation.

Enclosures have been approved by all MRI and EMC/RF absorber manufacturers.

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Modular Solid Wall RF Shielded Rooms


USC Series 26

Solid Wall



RF Shielded Room





Modular Enclosures to ANY Size


USC-26 Modular Solid Wall RF Shielded Room


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Laminated wood core panels with galvanized steel on both surfaces. 


The series will provide up to 120db min. of attenuation from 14 KHz to 10 GHz when subject to electric fields and plane waves.


10 meter Anechoic Chamber Under Construction





21 dB at 1 kHz, 58 dB at 15 kHz

 90 dB at 100kHz


≥ 100 dB from 15 kHz to 50 MHz

Plane Wave

≥ 100 dB from 50 MHz to 10 GHz


≥ 100 dB at 10 GHz


Shield Room FAQ's
Sample Drawing
Framing Drawing
RF Shielded Doors



USC Series 26

Solid Wall


Neuromuscular Biomechanics Labs

Secure Ammunition Storage Room

Electromyography (EMG) Laboratory

Secure Communications Facility

Research & Development Lab

Neuroscience Laboratories

Wireless Development Lab

Reverberation Chambers

Software Development Lab

CAT & CT Scanner Rooms

Electronics Repair Room

HEMP & EMP Protection

Immunity Test Chambers

MIL-STD-461E Testing

EMC Test Labs

Anechoic Chambers

Neurology Lab

MRI Rooms


  • Isolation

    • High Attenuation

    • Blocks ambient interference

    • Meets Military & Gov't Standards

  • Noise

    • Blocks ambient noise

  • Structural

    • Mount Foam RF Absorber directly

    • Mount Ferrite Tile (with extra structural stiffening)

  • Security

    • Keep it secret

    • Physical barrier

  • Ventilation

    • Can be tied into parent room HVAC

    • Can have isolated HVAC


Drawing of USC26-081208 Solid Wall Shield Room


Shielding Effectiveness Chart



Universal Shielding's USC-26 RFI/EMI shielding system is designed to meet or exceed the vast majority of shielding requirements. This system is available in both standard modular enclosures and custom-designed modular enclosures to meet exacting specifications in government, industry, research and development, university or hospital use. Rigid, steel-clad, 4-foot structural panels with steel framing form the modular USC-26 RF shielded enclosures. Weld-nuts on the corner and intermediate framing members eliminate screws that penetrate the framing members. In addition, this exclusive weld-nut feature provides a structure that is tamper-proof from the outside... an important consideration in Secure Communications. Our enclosures can be designed to accommodate raised floors for computer installations, suspended ceilings with recessed lighting, and specially-designed channels for installing acoustic and/or anechoic absorbers. To the right is a typical performance curve for the USC-26 shielded enclosure when tested in accordance with MIL-STD-285 or IEEE 299. Will meet NSA 94-106 and NSA 65-6 requirements.

  • Both USC-26 and USC-44 series panels are interconnected with a framing system to form the enclosure.

  • Enclosures are completely erected from interior and thus can be placed in proximity to parent room walls.

  • Can be dismantled, transported, re-erected, and still maintain their attenuation capabilities.

  • Parts are all numbered to enable customer to install chamber rapidly.





  1. All four shapes of channel members have serrations running lengthwise along each side of the contacting surface where it mates with the panel, thus resulting in a highly efficient RF seal.

  1. Our clamping system consists of weld-nuts welded to the outer framing member on Three (3) inch centers. Thus NO screws penetrate through the enclosure. There are no opposing joints between the periphery M' and U channel members at any point.

  1. Our integral "flat" channel has a convex contour for positive spring tension, insuring an RF tight enclosure.

  1. Our corners are an all-welded one piece assembly consisting of three (3) 15 inch long members.

  1. The entire steel framework is supplied with integral interconnecting tabs and weld-screws and is assembled from the interior. This system enables rapid assembly and positive placement of channels resulting in no voids or separations in channel system, thus preventing RF leaks.

  1. Our doors incorporate a brass extrusion around door and frame. These extrusions are designed so that the contacting fingerstock is not exposed, thus resulting in a damage-free closure seal. The fingerstock is not held in place with any mechanical or solder methods and is easily removable.

  1. All channel members are metal-stamped for identification and their designations are indicated on installation drawings, thus enabling rapid assembly.

  1. Our RF air vents are mechanically held in place with all welded frames, thus enabling honeycomb vent to be easily removed for cleaning after long periods of usage.

  1. A filet weld is factory installed at end of each "hat" section so that NO gaps exist at intersection of "hat" and M channel sections.


Prefabricated RF Shield Rooms


Factory Assembled and Certified

Series 26 - Solid Wall


Series 44 - Copper Screen


Universal RF Shielded Cabinet



 Universal RF Shielded Portable Cabinet



 EMI Shielded Cabinet

RF Shield Rooms

Shipped Fully Assembled

Full Turnkey Solutions

Full Line of Options

Transportation Limits

(Height to 8.5', Width to 8.0', Length to 10.5')


Enclosure Shielding Attenuation Characteristics

 (These are maximum values with optional components)




Electric/Plane Waves

15KHz   400MHz   1GHz



USC - 26


120dB   120dB   120dB


USC - 44


100dB   100dB    >85dB



Shielding Effectiveness (dB)

Attenuation Ratio

Percent Attenuation



                 10 : 1





                 100 : 1





                 1,000 : 1





                 10,000 : 1





                 100,000 : 1





                 1,000,000 : 1




Shielding effectiveness values are expressed in logarithmic, not linear, terms. Therefore, 80 dB of shielding effectiveness is not double the 40 dB level, but 100 times greater. Another way to express effectiveness is attenuation ratio, which compares the attenuation signal strength outside and inside the shield as shown below.


 RF Shielded Room Accessories



RF Shielded 

Waveguide Air Vent



RF Shielded (Honeycomb) Waveguide Air Vent


Air Vent Pressure Drop



Bolt/Clamp In Place






Weld In Place




Honeycomb Design

Manufactured to ANY size

  • 1/2 ft increments are standard

Isolation collars available

3/16" Cell >100dB Attenuation

1/8" Cell > 120dB Attenuation

For Modular and Welded Rooms

Honeycomb Cell


Honeycomb Air Vent

White Wall Panels

RF Shield Room White Wall Panels
White Fiberglass Wall Panels

Can be installed on the inside or outside

Brightens the Room
Easy Clean Wall Finish
Reduces Lighting Wattage


Removable Setup Panels


I/O Penetration Panels


To Any Size


12" x 12" Removable Setup Panel



12" x 24" I/O Panel


Fiber-Optic Feed-through


Model: WGF-4


Four Line Fiber Optic Feed Through


All Metal Construction

Four - " Lines



Works with all types of shielding

  • Modular, Welded, Pan & Setup Panels

  • Meets TEMPEST, MIL-STD-285 & NSA 65-6




Earthquake Zones

Earthquke Map of the USA

US Geological Survey, 1997


Universal Shielding Corp. can build your new shielded enclosure to meet any of the earthquake code requirements.


Building code maps using numbered zones, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, are practically obsolete. 1969 was the last year such a map was put out by this staff.

The 1997 Uniform Building Code (UBC) (published in California) is the only building code that still uses such zones.

Generally, over the past two decades, building codes have replaced maps having numbered zones with maps showing contours of design ground motion. These maps in turn have been derived from probabilistic ground motion maps. Probabilistic ground motion maps have been included in the seismic provisions of the most recent U.S. model building codes, such as the new "International Building code," and in national standards such as "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures," prepared by the American Society of Structural Engineers.


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