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RF Shielded Doors

Universal Shielding Corp.

Universal Shielding Corp.

Manufactured and Serviced in Deer Park, NY USA

RF Shielded Doors for Solid Wall and Copper Screen Rooms


Standard Manual



RF Shielded Doors




All Universal Shield Room Doors

Have a Minimum of Three Hinges

 and Three Latches




100 dB Single Knife Edge


120 dB Double Knife Edge





Leaf Doors



Universal 8x8 RF Shielded Double Door





MIL-STD Approved



RF Shielded Door


Weatherized Doors







Latching Mechanism

USC enclosure doors are equipped with a 3-point latching mechanism for tight, RFI-EMI-secure closing. Bearing surfaces, rollers and door cams are of case-hardened tool steel, designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with no loss of attenuation capability due to friction and wear. Our doors are extremely easy to operate; they require less than 20 pounds of force on the handle.

Door Construction

To achieve the attenuation levels required, our doors are equipped with a minimum of two rows of beryllium copper "fingers" around the periphery of the door. In the closed position, the fingers contact the door frame to assure an RFI/EMI leak-proof seal. The following is a type of door/frame construction offered by USC:

Model RCM-154 Door design encompasses:

  • Single Knife Edge (MIL-STD-285) 100 dB

  • Concealed finger stock - This design results in a damage free closure seal

  • Three point latch system

  • Three adjustable hinges

  • Standard door clear opening 36" X 84"

  • All sizes are available, single and double doors

  • Optional - Outdoor MIL-STD Approved




Door Drawing


Model RCM-254 Door design encompasses:

  • Double Knife Edge (NSA-65-6) 120 dB

  • Concealed finger stock - This design results in a damage free closure seal.

  • Three point latch system.

  • Three adjustable hinges

  • Standard door clear opening 36" X 84"

  • All sizes are available, single and double door

  • Optional - Outdoor MIL-STD Approved

RCM-254 Double Knife Edge Door


Door Drawing



Universal enclosures provide extraordinary shielding attenuation.

This is attributed to the shielded enclosure door design.



RCM-154 RF Shielded Door with optional wood trim

Wood Veneers



RCM-154 RF Shielded Door 3' x 7'

Outside Latching



RF Shielded Door with Internal Latching 

Inside Latching 



Large Double Leaf Door (Click to Enlarge)

Large Double Door



RF Shielded Door within an RF Shielded Door 

Custom RF Shielded Door within an RF Shielded Door



RF Shielded Door for a Trailer 

RF Shielded Door for a Trailer



Semi-Automatic Door (Click to Enlarge)       Semi-Automatic Door Mechanism (Click to Enlarge)

Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic RF Shielded Doors



 RF Shielded Doors for MRI Medical Shielding




RF Shield Doors


Clear Glass









A shielded enclosure is only as effective as its access door.


Universal's unique design has proven its capability throughout the industry for the past 46 years.



  • Lightweight and easily operable

  • Excellent shielding characteristics

  • Aesthetically enhanced for medical environment

  • Two (2) rows of fingerstock seals concealed in brass extrusion

  • Easily serviceable and low maintenance

  • Doors finished with manual openers, hands free operation and various finishes.

  • Flush sills for easy entry

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