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Environmental Test Chambers

Sanwood Environmental Test Chambers Logo

Bench Top Chamber

Sanwood Environmental Test Chambers

Ovens, Walk-In Rooms,Thermal Shock and Salt Spray Chambers

Sanwood was established in 1995. Sanwood is an ISO 9001: 2008 company.
Sanwood line of environmental chambers include - Ultra Low Temperature Chamber, Temperature Fast Change Chamber, Altitude Chamber, Explosion-proof Type Thermal Shock Chamber, Explosion-proof Type walk-in Chamber, Rain Chamber, Dust Chamber, UV Aging Chamber, Combined Test Chamber, Xenon Aging Chamber, Salt Spray Chamber, Ozone Aging Chamber. Our chambers are compliant to GB31241, IE62133, QCT/743, UN38.3, UL2054 Standards.

Sanwood Bench Top Temperature Test Chambers

SH-200 Series




0.8 cubic Feet (22.5L)


2.25 cubic Feet (64 L)

Sanwood Bench Top Environmental Chamber

Small Temperature Test Chamber
Premium features for the ultimate in testing flexibility Are you looking for the smallest chamber possible to get your testing done? Hate the footprint and noise of other temperature chambers? Need to closely integrate other test equipment? These are the temperature chambers for you!

Easy to install and own
The models are small enough be placed underneath a bench top, or on top. Designed for integration with other test equipment to make a complete test stand. The smaller models run on standard 115V power, enabling easy installation anywhere. Extremely quiet operation as low as 52 dba, suitable for quiet labs or offices.

Chamber Design Features
Premium design with a space-saving footprint and quiet operation suitable for offices and small labs
One 1" diameter cable port on the right side (Note: previous model series also included standard port on left).
One adjustable stainless steel shelf
Temperature output terminals

Three levels of overheat protection
Specimen power supply control terminal.

High temperature to 150°C
Low temp to -20, -40, or -60°C
Fully programmable via touch-screen

Sanwood Temperature / Humidity / Vibration Chamber

SMA & SMV Series

Rapid temperature change (damp heat) vibration comprehensive test chamber is suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high low temperature cycle and temperature stress screening (ESS) test for whole machine products and spare parts.

The vibration table is connected with the constant temperature humidity test, then it can realize the temperature, humidity, vibration comprehensive test SANWOOD temperature, humidity, vibration comprehensive test chamber advantages.

Sanwood AGREE Chamber

SANWOOD temperature, humidity, vibration comprehensive test chamber advantages
1.Temperature rise or cooling capacity can be designed as high as 40C/min temperature change rate
2.Specially designed dry air equipment, to protect the sample surface condense during the testing
3. Modern design, latest modular creation technology ,perfect control power.
4.Color screen 32 bit control system, Ethernet E management , USB data storage function, APP mobile platform management
5. Programmable load power 4 ON/OFF output control, to protect the products safety
6. Unique air circulation system
7. Equipped with equipment overload, overheat, abnormal power supply, overpressure, fault detection, etc. protective measures.
8. Test procedure has humanized design, like intelligent power off reset, automatic memory continued and automatic origin starting function, etc.
9.Independent product have anti condensation function and over temperature, calm, smoke protection function.
10. Auto return to room temperature setting
11.Diagnostic system for information on operating times and possible failures.
12.The device can expand the remote service function and provide the machine using a mathematical disc
13.Multi-language selection: Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German multilingual language switching.

Sanwood Laboratory Drying Oven

SM-G Series


Drying Oven
Temperature range RT+20 ~ 250° C

Temperature Accuracy - 0.3° C

Sanwood Lab Oven
Polished stainless-steel chamber semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning and the space between the the space between the shelves in the chamber isadjustable.

Imported temperature controller(FUJI)

Latest PID controller

Independent temperature limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely. (option)

RS232 connector is option which can connect computer to record the parameters and the variations of temperature. (option)

There is a 25mm instruction connection hole on the left side of the chamber for easy testing operation and temperature measurement.

Inner Dimension ( W x D x H )
450 x 450 x 450mm

Sanwood Altitude Chambers

VaT Series
360 Liters to 2,366 Liters

Sanwood Altitude Chamber

Main Technical Parameters
Temperature range: -70~ +160 Deg C
Pressure range: NP~0.5kPa
Pressure rise rate: ≤2kPa
Temperature fluctuation: ≤0.5°
Temperature uniformity: ≤2.0
Temperature deviation: ≤2.0°
Temperature pressure means: BPHC equilibrium temperature pressure.
Ambient temperature: +5~+35
Power(V): AC 380±10%V 50HZ±0.5HZ
Equipment noise: ≤5 dB (testing at 1 meter in front of the door).
Standard Configuration:
Electrothermal film glass observation 1pcs
Cable hole (Φ8"") 2 pcs
Sample rack 2 sets
Illuminator 1 pcs
Sample power control terminal 1pcs
Pressure test interface 1 pcs
Manual charging valve DN25

Sanwood Salt Spray Test Chambers

SM-Y Series

Sanwood Salt Sprat Corrosion Test Chamber

Watered by itself without external water supply.
Precise spray can work 2000 hours without jam.

Made of Japanese PVC, environmental protection and high anti-aging capability, spray is made of transparent PVC.

SSR: precisely digital thermal controller with spray protection system.

Sanwood Special Chambers

Sanwood will design and build custom environmental test chambers
to support your specific requirements including, but not limited to:
Non-standard sizes.
Special Temperature ranges
Unusual Humidity ranges
Our team of experienced engineers has worked successfully with many government organizations, academic institutions, and commercial companies to provide environmental test chambers for unique testing situations.

Ozone Test Chamber


UV Weathering Chamber


Ultra Low Temperature Chamber


Electromagnetic Vibration System


High Low Temperature Explosion Proof Chamber

Sanwood Temperature / Humidity Chambers

SMC Series

 64 Liters to 1,500 Liters
Sanwood Temperature Chamber
Main Technical Features
Temperature fluctuation: ≤0.5°
Temperature uniformity:
Temperature deviation:
Ambient temperature: +5~+35
Power(V): AC 380±10%V 50HZ±0.5HZ
Ambient temperature: +5~+35°C
Equipment noise: ≤69dB

Standard configuration:
Electrothermal film glass observation 2 pcs
Cable hole (Φ100) 1 pcs
ample shelf 2 kits
Lighting 1 pcs
power control terminal 1 pcs (C)

Sanwood Thermal Shock Chambers

SM-3 Zone

70 Liters to 300 Liters

SANWOOD-Three Zone-Thermal-Shock-Chamber


3 Zone Thermal Shock

The Advantages of SANWOOD thermal shock test chamber
1.Temperature and humidity setting protection
2.Two zone thermal shock test chamber. Air pressure driven test area(sample)
3.Error failure medical record table cartilage device
4.HFC environmentally friendly refrigerant, SWEP plate heat exchanger, two type refrigeration system
5.Optimal structure and high efficiency refrigeration machinery design
6.Air intakes and returns with sensor control
7.Sever Valve, Kinetic energy automatic load control
8.Testing range: 150(60)°C~ (-10)-65°C
9.50% power saving efficiency and automatic servo control
10.Compatible with BUS CM remote monitoring management system
11.Can expanded: LN2V liquid nitrogen rapid cooling control device
12.Thermal shock test chamber movement time is 10 seconds. Can meet MIL, IEC and JIS standard.
13.Wind valve switching time is 10 seconds
14. Thermal shock test chamber temperature recovery time is 5 minutes, can meet the test specification
15.The end of the experiment, the product automatically return to the normal temperature to avoid frost dew
16.The world's first built-in USB2.0 interface digital recorder (recording can be plugged in at any time)
17.Industrial grade upright full-color touch multilingual programmable control system
18.The world's first standard shipping included USB2.0 and disk storage machine dual interface
19.The protective mechanism of return to normal temperature after the test is finished.
20.The world's first complete test curve analysis shows that there is no time limit.

Sanwood Walk-In Temperature & Humidity Rooms

Walk-In Temp & Humidity Room

Walk-In Drying Oven Room

8 m² to 40 m²

Walk-in Room brief introduction
Walk-in Environmental Testing Chamber is consist of Control Panel, electrical panels, moisturizing plate blower, heater, humidifier, freezer. It provides a large spare to test the temperature and humidity for large-scale parts, semi-finished products, it applied to test products that large-scale or the quantity more, such as: computer terminals, vehicle parts.
Sanwood Walk In Oven

Walk-in Temperature & Humidity and industrial drying oven features:
1. The world's first built-in USB2.0 interface, digital recorder (can hot-swappable at any time during the records)
2. Industrial vertical full-color multi-language programmable touch control system
3.The world's first test to be the end of the evaluation back to normal temperature protection mechanism
4.Apply to larger size products test or large amount products test.
5.Standard modular design stainless steel plate and salt steel as the main material.
6.According to customers size and design required, we can provide them corresponding scheme
7. Can open the indoor. Security door and leakage circuit breaker protection device.
8. Synchronous safety control of testing power supply and safety protection device for testing products
9. RO reverse osmosis water filter automatic water supply device for humidity using
10. Inner box SUS#304; Outer case: color steel plate material.
11. Strong and powerful German bock semi hermetic compressor.
12. Four group Server Valve, the most appropriate amount of refrigerant control.
13. Energy-saving 30%, water-saving 20%; Environment-friendly refrigerant
14. Four groups of temperature. A set of humidity sensor control.
15. Heating load automatic servo control to adjust refrigerant flow rate, which can withstand the traditional constant temperature and humidity room heat load of more than 3 times.

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