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HiRF Horn Antennas


Steatite Antennas (formerly Q-par Angus) is a world renowned, UK based custom antenna designer and manufacturer. The company has been at the forefront of microwave antenna development since 1973.

Steatite excels in the research, design and manufacture of specialist, high specification, custom designed antennas. This wealth of expertise also carries into the company's substantial range of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) antennas and associated components. Products typically operate in the 30MHz to 60GHz frequency range.

 High Intensity Radiated Field (HiRF) Horn Antennas

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HiRF Horn Antennas


400MHz to 18GHz

HiRF Antenna 

Example - QMS-00694, 0.4 - 1 GHz






Antenna Part Number Options




A family of eight antennas covering the frequency range 0.4 - 18 GHz is capable of reaching ultra-high field strengths in the near field, that is not attainable using traditional systems.

Steatite uses antenna arrays, lenses and extended gain antennas to achieve this performance.

Steatite HiRF antennas are able to focus RF energy at short distances from the aperture.

3 kV / m at one meter can be achieved in free field tests with 3 dB spot sizes 150mm or greater.

Focusing is achieved by using dielectric lenses or by dividing the aperture up into four co-phased smaller horn antennas.

Various mounting options are available ranging from fixed-mount to variable geometry.

As with other Steatite products, bespoke designs or modifications may be accommodated.

High-Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF)



QMS No. Frequency (GHz) Catalogue Number / Description Gain at 1m (dBi) VSWR (Typical) Power Peak(W) Connector
QMS-00694 0.4 to 1 QPA-SL-0.4-1-A-SG 700 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 1.1 kW 11.5 to 15.5 <1.7:1 13kW 7:16 DIN
QMS-00719 1 to 1.6 QPA-SL-1-1.6-A-20 3,000 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 3.8 kW 18.9 to 20.6 <1.5:1 13kW 7:16 DIN
QMS-00722 1.5 to 2.6 QPA-SL-1.5-2.6-A-21 3,000 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 2.8 kW 20.3 to 22.0 <1.5:1 13kW 7:16 DIN
QMS-00116 & QMS-00494 2.6 to 4 QSH-SL-2.6-4-C-21-R 3000 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 2.85 kW 20.0 to 20.9 <1.5:1 13kW SC
QMS-00748 4 to 6 QSH-SL-4-6-N-22-R 3000 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 2.3 kW 21.2 to 22.4 <1.5:1 5kW N
QMS-00749 6 to 8 QSH-SL-6-8-N-22 3000 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 2.0 kW 21.4 to 22.5 <1.5:1 5kW N
QMS-00171 8 to 12 QSH-SL-8-12-F-23 3000 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 2.5 kW 20.5 to 23.4 <1.15:1 10kW WG16 (WR90) UBR100
QMS-00199 12 to 18 QSH-SL-12-18-F-23 3000 V/m at 1 metre with an input power of 2.1 kW 21.6 to 23.2 <1.5:1 10kW WG18 (WR62)

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