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E & H-Field Meters, Probes & Detectors

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Electromagnetic E-Field & H-Field Meters, Probes & Detectors

Lumiloop Laser Powered E-Field Probes


Laser-Powered 3D E-Field Probe


9 KHz to 18 GHz

Laser Powered E-Field Probe



The LSProbe 2.0 Field Probe is a next-generation, high speed, high accuracy and high dynamic range electric-field probe. Its frequency range is 9 kHz to 18GHz.

The Field Probe's six-monopole antenna design ensures isotropic operation at all frequencies.

LSProbe 2.0 employs fine-grained compensation of linearity, frequency and temperature, guaranteeing accurate measurements from less than 1V/m to at least 1 kV/m.

A dynamic range of 60 dB is achieved for all frequencies.

Selected International Standards
ISO 11451-2, WD 11451-5, 11452-2, 11452-11
IEC 61000-4-3,  61000-4-21
EN 300 328, 301 893
Other  RTCA/DO-160
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EMC Test Design E-Field Strength Meter



Smart Fieldmeter 


Smart Fieldmeter



Omni-Directional EM

 Field Strength Meters


200 kHz to 60 GHz


Up to 3,000 Volts/meter

Smart Fieldmeter- Electromagnetic (EM) field monitor combining the major features of professional quality field monitoring equipment with convenience and simplicity of the multi-meter for users on a budget.

Multimode (Average, Peak and Pulse) operation allows monitoring of the sinusoidal and modulated fields by displaying the average or peak values together with fast response remote output that can be used for remote data analysis and close loop field control.

Portable lightweight design with long lasting battery and detachable isotropic probe offers advantages in the field, while tripod mounting of the probe and meter together with remote output monitoring benefits the EM field measurements in the laboratory setting.


Smart Fieldmeter can be used for evaluation and measurements of EM fields from various sources:

  • AM, FM, TV and Cellular stations.

  • Transmitters & CB radios.

  • Computer & Instrument Monitors.

  • Cell Phones.

  • Microwave Ovens.

  • Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipment.

  • EMC Test Systems.


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Power Line Interference Probe

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Power Line Interference Probe


Power Line Interference Probe 



The PLIP is designed to comply with the CIPR16 requirements for a voltage probe. The design incorporates several features that are in addition to the basic CISPR16 specifications.

These offer three major advantages:

Safety Complete galvanic isolation for protection against line voltages.

Sensitivity The PLIP incorporates a 30dB RF amplifier. This results in a nominal antenna factor (insertion loss) of 0dB, against that of a 'conventional' voltage probe of 30dB.

Protection The PLIP features signal filtering with transient limiter and output clamping. The net result is that any analyzer or receiver connected to the output of the PLIP is protected against damage due to high or transient signal conditions.

  RF Electomagnetic Safety Hazard Detector/Meter


Microrad Electromagnetic Safety Meter
Microrad's mission is to design isotropic measuring systems for electromagnetic safety. Our know-how is aimed at the sensors of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields and ranges from static fields to millimeter waves. We have vanguard solutions in each and every sector both for broadband and selective measures. Our products have been developed in order to operate in agreement with all principal international regulations.

Microrad Probes

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Kapteos Vector Electric Field Probes (40Hz to 100GHz)

Comprehensive electric field measurement system

The picture below presents the up to date available products and accessories.
The minimum required system to perform an electric field measurement is to have the eoProbe sensor connected to the optoelectronic converter called eoSense.



The System Components are as follows:

  • eoSense: opto-electronic converter (from 1 to 3 channels)
  • eoProbe: optic probe (1 probe measures 1 axis of an electric field)
  • eoSwitch: optical switch to select a probe among several ones
  • eolink: optical extension lead
  • eoCal: electric field applicator to calibrate a probe
  • eoPod: holder to maintain up to 3 probes
Kapteos E-Field Vector Probe System 

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