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EMC Probes & Meters


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 EMC Probes & Meters Index

RF Signal Strength Meter

Power Line Interference Probe

Electro-Magnetic Field Meter

RF Hazard Detector (MicroAlert)

RF Hazard Detector


 RF Signal Strength Meters



Digital Power Meter

Digital Power Meter

The Power Density Meter measures the RF field strength over the range 0.001 to 2000 µW/cm2. This extremely sensitive meter can accurately measure the RF background level even in rural areas. The meter reads true power density directly on the display with 3 ranges, 20, 200 and 2000 µW/cm2. For comparison, a typical cordless phone will produce about 0.01 µW/cm2 at a distance of 50 feet. At FM, TV and mobile phone frequencies, accuracy, is better than 3dB. Unlike many other power meters, it has built-in antenna and detection system which yields a flat response over a very wide range of frequencies. Even at 5GHz, signals can still be measured. The meter features an internal 9v battery with a low battery indication when there is about 10 minutes life remaining.


Frequency range: 3 MHz - 2.5 GHz (±25%)
  0.5 MHz-3 GHz (-3dB)
Max Sensitivity: 0.001 µW/cm2 at 1 GHz
Sensitivity: 25% at 5 GHz
  10% at 10 GHz
Max reading: 2000 µW/cm2
Readout: LCD, 4 1/2 digit
Bandwidth: Wide: 0.5 MHz - 3 GHz
  Narrow: 100 MHz - 3 GHz
Antenna: Internal
Averaging: Fast / Slow selector switch
Power: 9V (pp3) internal battery
Battery Life: 60 hours (1000 mAH battery)
Size: 15 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm



 Electro-Magnetic Field Strength Meter






Smart Fieldmeter 




Omni-Directional EM

 Field Strength Meter


200 kHz to 18 GHz


0.2 to 600 Volts/meter


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EMC Test & Design


Smart Fieldmeter™- Electromagnetic (EM) field monitor combining the major features of professional quality field monitoring equipment with convenience and simplicity of the multi-meter for users on a budget.

Multimode (Average, Peak and Pulse) operation allows monitoring of the sinusoidal and modulated fields by displaying the average or peak values together with fast response remote output that can be used for remote data analysis and close loop field control.

Portable lightweight design with long lasting battery and detachable isotropic probe offers advantages in the field, while tripod mounting of the probe and meter together with remote output monitoring benefits the EM field measurements in the laboratory setting.



Smart Fieldmeter™ can be used for evaluation and measurements of EM fields from various sources:

  • AM, FM, TV and Cellular stations.

  • Transmitters & CB radios.

  • Computer & Instrument Monitors.

  • Cell Phones.

  • Microwave Ovens.

  • Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipment.

  • EMC Test Systems.



Power Line Interference Probe




Power Line Interference Probe


Power Line Interference Probe 





The PLIP is designed to comply with the CIPR16 requirements for a voltage probe. The design incorporates several features that are in addition to the basic CISPR16 specifications.

These offer three major advantages:

Safety Complete galvanic isolation for protection against line voltages.

Sensitivity The PLIP incorporates a 30dB RF amplifier. This results in a nominal antenna factor (insertion loss) of 0dB, against that of a 'conventional' voltage probe of 30dB.

Protection The PLIP features signal filtering with transient limiter and output clamping. The net result is that any analyzer or receiver connected to the output of the PLIP is protected against damage due to high or transient signal conditions.



  RF Hazard Detector






RF Hazard Detector






The Broadband meter was designed as a general purpose electromagnetic measurement tool. It detects electric and
magnetic fields from power line frequencies up to several GHz.
It is unique in its combination of a magnetic AC gaussmeter, electric field meter and an RF field strength meter, all in one small package. Therefore, it can be used to study and measure the magnetic fields produced by electrical power
cables (including overhead lines), the fields produced by video displays, right through to the radiation emitted by
microwave ovens, mobile phones and wireless LANs.
Other applications include the measurement of RF environments to minimise health risks, detection of leakage from microwave ovens and detection of concealed transmitters








Sensitive Version



 Professional Version


RF Alert


RF Detector






Radio / microwave alarm is the size of a small pager, just 5.7cm x 4cm x 2cm. The high sensitivity version is ideal for anyone who needs to find out exactly what is emitting radio or microwaves, including hidden sources. An industrial version is triggered by higher levels of radiation and is ideal for personnel alarm use when working near transmitters or RF sources.

The alarm provides an audio output that bleeps when the pre-set level is reached, the frequency of the bleeps increases if the signal level increases.

The sensitive version will detect a typical mobile phone base station from 100 meters, a mobile phone at 6 meters and a microwave oven at 3 -10 meters. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the application with a small adjustment knob.




-S version:

0.1 - 10 µW/cm2


-P version

 1 - 10 mW/cm2


By sensitivity knob.

Frequency range:

6 MHz - 3 GHz




5.7cm x 4cm x 2cm




Internal battery has typical life span of 3 years. Replacement batteries are lithium type 2032


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