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Laser Powered E-Field Probes

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LUMILOOP provides an isolated, continuous, all-time stable power supply and bi-directional data transfer. Through the patented power control the systems are energy efficient, reliable, eye-safe and in compliance with international laser safety standards. Each system consists of a computer interface connected to a maximum miniaturized sensor interface.

Expanded Frequency Range from 10 Hz to 18 GHz.

Lumiloop Laser Powered E-Field Probes


Laser-Powered 3D E-Field Probe


9 KHz to 18 GHz

Laser Powered E-Field Probe



The LSProbe 2.0 Field Probe is a next-generation, high speed, high accuracy and high dynamic range electric-field probe. Its frequency range is 9 kHz to 18GHz.

The Field Probe's six-monopole antenna design ensures isotropic operation at all frequencies.

LSProbe 2.0 employs fine-grained compensation of linearity, frequency and temperature, guaranteeing accurate measurements from less than 1V/m to at least 1 kV/m.

A dynamic range of 60 dB is achieved for all frequencies.
Selected International Standards
ISO 11451-2, WD 11451-5, 11452-2, 11452-11
IEC 61000-4-3,  61000-4-21
EN 300 328, 301 893
Other  RTCA/DO-160
LSProbe 2.0 contains a low-frequency and high-frequency detector for each of the six monopoles. The detectors can be operated continuously at 500 kSamples/s or in burst mode at 2 MS/s. This enables direct radar pulse measurements and accelerated, frequency sweep-based measurements.

A single axis, continuously sampling mode, operating at 2 MS/s, can be used for Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (EIRP) measurements of IoT products without antenna connectors in accordance with EN300 328 and EN301 893.

Laser-powered operation eliminates battery recharging and replacement. Extensive in-house calibration data are provided with each field probe and is handled automatically by the LSProbe TCP Server Software.

LSProbe 2.0 is backward compatible with LSProbe 1.2, supporting the same SCPI commands. Consequently, it inherits third-party EMC-software support for R&S EMC32, R&S ELEKTRA, emcware, BAT-EMC, Tepto, Tile, Win6000, Compliance5 and Radimation.
Lumiloop LSProbe 2.0
Measurable Field Strength vs. Frequency

Lumiloop LSprobe 2.0

LSProbe 2.0 E-Field Sensor

Supported Frequency Ranges
Low Band Detector 9 kHz ... 1.5 GHz
High Band Detector 700 MHz ... 18 GHz
Field Strength Range
9 kHz ... 1 GHz <1 V/m ... >5 kV/m
1 GHz ... 18 GHz <1 V/m ... >1 kV/m
Damage Level
9 kHz ... 1 GHz >25 kV/m
1 GHz ... 18 GHz >5 kV/m
Sampling Rate, Minimum Pulse Width
Burst Mode 2 MSamples/s, 500 ns
Continuous Mode 500 kSamples/s, 2 ns Single Axis Continuous Mode 2 MSamples/s, 500 ns
Analog Rise Time
Low Band, low bandwidth 2 ms Low Band, high bandwidth <300 ns
High Band <300 ns
Resolution <0.05 dB
Typical Worst-Case Isotropy Error
@ 1 GHz tbd
@ 6 GHz tbd
@ 18 GHz tbd
Amplitude Accuracy Accredited Cal. at PTB, Germany
10 kHz ... 30 MHz ±0.6 dB
30 MHz ... 1 GHz ±1.0 dB
1 GHz ... 18 GHz ±1.4 dB
Linearity Error ±0.2 dB relating to 10 V/m
Temperature Stability tbd
Fiber Optic ConnectorsST/FC
Standard Fiber Optic Cables 5 m permanently attached, 15 m ST/FC extension, two E2000 Sacrificial Cable Kits
Max. Fiber Optic Cable Length 500 m
Fiber Optic Cable Bending Radius >30 mm
Ambient Temperature10°C ... 40°C
Dimensions(W x D x H) 46 x 46 x 114 mm

Laser-Powered 3D E-Field Probe



Laser Powered E-Field Probe


Lumiloop LS 1.2 Probe



User Manual

The miniaturized 6 GHz 3D E-Field Analyzer LSProbe ensures unattended, uninterrupted measurements combined with high resolution, high speed and low noise over the entire test period.

With the galvanically insulated power supply, the need for batteries is now eliminated.

The field probe does not only measure average values but the time course of fields. With an unprecedented wide dynamic range and fast pulse response, LSProbe provides the user completely new measuring options.

The LSProbe enables a higher efficiency through shorter and lower-cost testing intervals.
Driver available for:
Rohde & Schwarz - EMC32 - Version 10.0
Nexio - BAT-EMC
Ametek - Compliance 5
ETS-Lindgren - TILE!
Dare!! - RadiMation
Teseq - WIN 6000
Techno Science Japan - TEPTO
Frequency range from 10 Hz - 8.2 GHz (Standard 10 kHz - 6 GHz)
Fastest sampling rate (pulse measurement)
Highest precision (resolution and linearity)
Widest dynamic response for entire frequency range
Rugged, eye-safe optical system
No warm-up wait - immediate measurement
User-centered terms of warranty and service
Frequency Ranges:
Standard: 10 kHz ... 6 GHz
Option LO: 10 Hz ... 6 GHz
Option HI: 10 kHz ... 8.2 GHz
Option HI+LO: 10 Hz ... 8.2 GHz

Best-in-class compensation of linearity, frequency and temperature guarantees accurate measurements from less than 0.1 to at least 1,000V/m.

A dynamic range of 100 dB is achieved for many frequencies, enabling field measurements at more than 10,000V/m
Customization for higher field strenth on request.

More Downloads:

LUMILOOP Reference List
Fiber Care - Handling Instructions
Warranty Conditions
Quick Start Guide, rev. 03/2018
WIS Report part 1: Measuring Pulsed Fields
WIS Report part 2: Measuring Radio Jammers

Laser-Powered 3D E-Field Probe Systems

LSPROBE 1.2 Multiprobe System

Multiple E-Field Probes

Multiprobe Field Homogeneity Setups:

IEC 61000-4-3
IEC 61000-4-21
ISO 11451-2
ISO 11451-11

IEC 61000-4-21 Field Homogeneity

Laser Probe Accessories

Sacrificial Cable Kit


Probe Stand Base


Flexible Probe Stand


Optic Fiber Cable Extension


Stand Mounting Pole

Mounting pole

Connector Cleaning Pen

Cleaning Pen

Lumiloop Triple High-Speed Power Meter

Triple High-Speed Powermeter

LSPM 1.0


Laser Powered Powermeter


Frequency range from 10 kHz - 6 GHz






The LSPM Triple High-Speed Powermeter is a three channel, high-speed, high accuracy and high dynamic range RF field probe.
The high sampling rate allows for high resolution time-domain signal anlysis.
The power meter can be synchronized with signal generators to realize high resolution pulse analysis. The LSPM can be combined with LUMILOOP's LSProbe E-field probes to accelerate EMC measurements according to IEC 61000-4-3 and 61000-4-21.
Driver available for:
  • Rohde & Schwarz - EMC32
  • Nexio - BAT-EMC
  • Ametek - WIN 6000
  • Frequency range from 10 kHz - 6 GHz
  • Accurate measurements from -50 dBm to at least 20 dBm
  • Dynamic range of 100 dB for many frequencies
  • Pulse analysis at 200 MSamples/s resolution
  • Compensation of linearity, frequency and actively controlled internal temperature
  • Accelerates EMC measurements exceeding factor 100 over conventional setups

Lumiloop 250 mW Sensor System with PC Interface

250 mW Sensor System with PC Interface

LS250 V2

Lumiloop LS250 V2


Potential lead user can have their first experience with the LS250.
The LS250 makes an optically powered sensor communication tangible for everyone.
The universal interfaces ensure easy integration into customer-specific systems.
The system enables energy-intensive applications and rapid feasibility studies for new sensors.
With its maximum output power of 250 mW, it is applicable for the vast majority of electric sensors.
The LS250 ADVANCED has the innovative and versatile LUMILOOP ASIC integrated for the first time.
  • Power supply system: laser source → glass fiber → solar cell
  • Full galvanic isolation through fiber optic cables (length up to 1,000 m)
  • Replaces shielded cables, batteries and transformers
  • Noise-free supply of sensors, actuators and transducers
  • Sensor down link data rate 25 Mbit/s

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