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Antenna Measurement System Software & Options


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The Desktop Antenna Measurement System also known as D.A.M.S, has been designed to provide a cost effective method of designing and testing small to medium sized antennas. The System uses state of the art software to fully interact with your Network Analyzer to provide seamless automatic measurements with little user intervention required.



 Ideal for Wireless RF & Microwave Antenna Design & Development  


Diamond Engineering DAMs Antenna Measurement System Software



DAMS Software


Advanced Features


Spherical Plots & Iso-Spheres


Version 4 now offers spherical plots with iso-spheres and you can project the response on to a sphere of radius equal to the platform separation and grid equal to the measurement


Comes Standard

 with the ALL DAMs Systems


Control Panel (Click to Enlarge)
Spherical Gain Plot (Click to Enlarge)
Spherical Gain Plot - Averaged (Click to Enlarge)
Spherical Pattern Profile (Click to Enlarge)
Spherical Dipole with Isotropic Overlay (Click to Enlarge)
Measurement Sphere Overlay (Click to Enlarge)
Spherical Parabolic Dish (Click to Enlarge)



Version 4.5
Is Available Now!
This software contains upgraded AZ/EL 3D plots along with some minor updates.
Please contact us to access this download.


Plot Gallery






Each sphere represents an Isotropic gain in dBi. The antenna plot is derived from S21

If you look down at the main lobe and use the rendered Iso-Sphere you can easily visualize the associated beam widths by specifying the Iso-Sphere grid



A play mode is also available to play the profile through the frequency range. This yields some amazing movies.


The DAMS 6000 is required for this software.


 DAMs Software


Comes Standard

 with the ALL DAMs Systems



Designed for quick learning and maximum productivity the D.A.M.S. Software has been designed with many time saving features including instant help which provides on the spot help for any function.

An all-on-one Page contains everything you need to completely measure an antenna including A Polar Plot, Resetting Amplitude Plot, and a Non-Resetting history plot.

Use the export function to put all of your data into a file to be used with Math-CAD or imported into Excel.

Please See our Advanced Processing Add-on for advanced features such as Group Delay functions and 3D plots with multiple data registers.


Software Measurement Page





Measurement Features

  • Real-Time measurement display of current gain @ position.

  • Ideal Antenna Overlay for antenna comparison.

  • Completely De-Embedded Measurements (full calibration- no outside interference) Of Antenna Data Only.

  • Data Export with Variable Format option

  • Measure up to 2800 points per frequency in one 360 degree sweep.

  • Variable speed.

  • Move to Max Position.

  • Vertical/Horizontal Combination Sweep Measurements.

  • CW/CCW Antenna rotation.

Visualization Features

  • All Plots operate in Real-Time

  • Printable Plots

  • Resetting Amplitude Plot

  • Non-resetting History Plot

  • Polar Radiation Plot

  • Instant support system

  • Color Coded measurement controls

  • 3D plots (only available with Advanced Processing Add-on)

  • Real-Time Measurement Status



 DAMs Software

Advanced Features


Comes Standard

 with the ALL DAMs Systems

Our Advanced processing software enables you to take antenna measurements to the next level. Using state of the art data mapping routines our software can take an array of measurements and turn them into a 3D plot mapping the response of Multiple frequencies over rotation.

Along with 3D plotting, the Advanced processing Software has A Group Delay section, Stem Cell Plots area and Real-Time Amplitude over Frequency function.


Advanced Processing Page


The Advanced Processing page contains all of the necessary elements to fully profile a specific antenna. The four data Registers are used to store multiple antenna profiles for comparison





Advanced Processing Features

3D Plotting Features


  • Fully Rotational 3D plots

  • High quality prints

  • Completely Exportable

  • 500,000 measurement capacity

  • Plots Amplitude Vs. Frequency Vs. Rotation


Dynamic Stem Vector Features


  • 3D Stem Cell Plots

  • Different plot for each frequency

  • Plot from multiple data sets

  • Amplitude Mapping

  • Fully Printable

Group delay Features
  • Group Delay Measured in Nano Sec, Feet, and Inches
  • View path propagation over frequency
  • Printable graphs
  • Calculate distance between 2 antennas

Dynamic Plotting
  • Fully Dynamic plotting with Real-Time changes
  • Amplitude Vs. Frequency Chart
  • Printable graphs
  • Locate most useful area of antenna for specific frequency range
  • up to 200 measurements over 500Mhz range


 Diamond Engineering DAMs Optional Accessories


Full Spherical Mount

DAMS Full Spherical Mount




Features Include:

DC-18 GHz frequency range

90% Delrin construction

Accomodates up to 12" Dia. AUT

1/10 degree resolution

CTIA and general efficiency software

Runs from existing controller connections


DAMs 5000


Aluminum Thrust Plate


20 lb Load Rating


11 1/2" Diameter



Heavy Duty Thrust Plate for heavy, top-heavy, or unbalanced loads

Now you can rotate, measure and move 20 lb antennas using the new thrust plate attachment. This specially machined plate fits directly over the measurement platform on embedded Teflon rollers. The plate is freely moving with the rotary at it's center and has an array of tapped holes for antenna bracket mounting.


DAMs 5000


Acrylic Thrust Plate


20 lb Load Rating


11 1/2" Diameter



Heavy Duty Thrust Plate for heavy, top-heavy, or unbalanced loads


DAMs 5000


Laser Alignment Tool



Laser Alignment tool for long range antenna positioning


DAMs 5000





Digi-Level for Platform and source antenna alignment




50 MHz - 4.0 GHz, 5 Watt CW Power Amplifier



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