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RF Shield Rooms & Anechoic Chambers

Buy and Sell - Used RF Shield Rooms & Anechoic Chambers

All Products & Equipment on this webpage are used or refurbished (Unless noted otherwise)

Used RF Shield Rooms, GTEM and Anechoic Chambers Wanted

Used Solid Wall EMI Shield Rooms, Doors, Air Vents and EMI Filters Wanted

Wanted good used RF shielded doors. If you have any Universal, RayProof, Braden, ETS-Lindgren doors to sell, please send us an email.

Please Contact Us ASAP, Customers are Ready to Purchase Now

Used Antenna Pattern Measurement Chamber

The chamber is currently disassembled and in storage.
   The dimensions of the ETS-Lindgren Fully Anechoic Antenna Test Chamber:  10 x 20 x 10 (W x L x H in ft)
The dimensions of the RF Shielded Control Room: 10 x 10 x 8 (W x L x H in ft)

New Lower Price: $25,000

Located in Apopka, FL 32703

12" & 18" Absorber, Good from 500MHz to 40GHz

RF Shield Rooms 100dB from 14KHz to 10GHz

It includes the light fixtures, air vents and inside and outside electrical fixtures and filters.  We were able to remove the foam without damage but we also have 2 pallets of brand new never used foam, in the box, to replace any that might be questionable.  There is some corrosion on the chamber and chamber door where the foam was attached.  Door seals are in excellent condition. The chamber has foam only absorber, no ferrite tile.

Used Test Chamber  Used Test Chamber
Test Chamber Used Test Chamber
ETS-Lindgren Chamber EMC Test Chamber
Used Chamber Used Anechoic Test Chamber
RF Shielded Cotrol Room  

Used Sprinkler Innovations Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler

Lot of Twelve (12) SI-B-1.5 Sprinkler Assemblies

Extends 1.5 feet in to the chamber

Lot Price $16,500.00

Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler

Equipped with VK350 K-Factor  8.0 155 degree up sprinkler heads

These will work for absorber 12 inches or less

Units were never discharged and in excellent condition

Buyer pays crating and shipping cost from Fremont, CA

Sprinkler Innovations Webpage

Used Universal Series 26 RF Shield Room (5'- 4"W x 8'- 9"L x 7'H)

Used Universal RF Shielded Room

Less than two years old, located in San Francisco, California

Price $15,000 AS IS (Room has been dissassembled & in storage)

We have people that can relocate, reassemble and test the room

Was used as an EMF Safe Room Office Bedroom
100dB from 10KHz to 40GHz

Wall panels, are lightweight polystyrene core panels.

Floor & Ceiling panels will be standard wood core panels.

One (1) 3' x 7', RCM-254 Low Threshold Shielded Personnel Door

One (1) Dual (2-wire) 30 Amp Filter, UL Listed

One (1) 12" x 12", Blank Removable Penetration Panel

Four (4) 12" x 20", RF Waveguide Air Vents, 1/8" Hexcel

Two (2) Lithonia LBL4 LP840 surface mount LED light fixture (Are Dimmable)

One (1) GigaFOIL 10/100/1000 FOIL Ethernet Filter

Vinyl Floor Tile Installed Between Floor Framing Members

Seismic bracing and engineering calculations

Professional Engineer stamped drawings

White Wall Panels Installed on Inside of walls & door

Room Weight: ≈ 1,950 lbs


RF Shielded Safe Room RF Shielded Room

White FRP Lined Shielded Room

Used RayProof Series 81 RF Shield Room

Used RayProof RF Shielded Room

Located in Walton Kentucky 41094

Price is $6,000.00 $9,900.00 (or best offer) AS IS, WHERE iS (Still Fully Assembled)

10' x 10' x 8'H, 3' x 7' Door

100dB from 14KHz to 10GHz

Note: Corner Caps Are Not Included (they are missing)

Used RayProof Shield Room

Used RayProof Series 81 Shield Room

used 100dB Shielded Room

Used RayProof Modular Shield Room

Used Universal Series 26 RF Shield Room Door RCM-154

Used Universal RF Shielded Room Door

San Jose, California

Price is $5,000.00 (or best offer) AS IS, WHERE IS

One (1) 3' x 7', Shielded Personnel Door,Type RCM-154, Standard Door Sill

Door is attached to the surround wall panel

100dB from 14KHz to >10GHz

USC RCM-154 Door

Used 100db RF shielded door

Universal 100db RF shielded door

Used 100dB shielded door

Used 14KHz to 10GHz 100db door

Used Universal RCM-154 door

Used GTEM Italia, GTEM 2000 Test Cell for Sale

Used Less than 1 Year, in Excellent Condition, Located in Southern California, Available NOW

Price Reduced to $70,000.00 (Accepting Offers)

GTEM 2000 for sale

Used GTEM for Sale

Does not include any test equipment

Data Sheet below is based on this actual GTEM 2000 (with more pictures)


Buyer pays for shipping, dismanteling if required, reassembly if required and recalibration. We have people that can do this for you.
The GTEMCELL GTEM-2000 is a TEM waveguide with the upper frequency limit extended to the GHz range. It is under consideration as an alternative measurement facility for both radiated emission and immunity measurements. It is included in the standard IEC 61000-4-20 Emission and Immunity Testing in Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) Waveguides.

Compared to other measuring methods like EMC test in anechoic chambers or OATS (Open Area Test Sites), GTEM-cells offer some significant advantages for the testing of small and medium sized EUT's (Equipment Under Test) up to a frequency range of 20 GHz. Quick turn arounds of the EUT as well as numerous testing variations are easy and fast to handle. Switching from emission to immunity testing requires only simple adjustments from receiver input to amplifier output.

You are irrespective of long waiting times associated with off-site test labs or weather and ambient delays that can occur at OATS facilities. Whether you are at the design qualification, pre-compliance, compliance, or production sampling stage, the GTEM is the right choice for you! 

Used TDK CAC-S Compact Chamber
(26 MHz - 18 GHz)

TDK Logo

Used Compact Semi Anechoic Chamber For Sale



EMC Test Compact Chamber

Stock File Photo

Used TDK Compact Chamber

Used TDK Prescan Chamber

Used TDK Pre Scan Chamber

Used TDK Anechoic Chamber for Sale

ICM Ferrite Wedge


SOLD for $95k

Located In CT

26 MHz - 18 GHz
  • Radiated emissions: Pre-compliance with EN 50147-2, ANSI C63.4, CISPR 22
  • Radiated immunity: Full compliance with IEC 61000-4-3
  • Fully lined with ferrite tile
  • Space saving: 7.5 m long x 3.0 m wide x 3.0 m high (24'7" L x 9'-10" W x 9'-10" H)




Used Frankonia SAC-3 Plus 3m EMC Test Compliance Chamber

Who doesn't want their own 3m Semi Anechoic Chamber?

Save $77,500 with a second hand Chamber!

This chamber is only 6 months old!

under $400,000 - only one available

Optional 8' wide x 8' high equipment door is available

First come, first serve!
(Still Available 9/13/2021)

SOLD on 10/22/2021

Price includes Shipping and Installation in the Continental US

Certification is an added cost

The SAC-3 Plus is a versatile full compliant EMC testing solution at 3.0 m measuring distance with a Quiet Zone (QZ) up to 2.0 m. 

Turntable, Tower and Controller Included.

It is adapted for full compliant emission and immunity testing. 
The innovative dome roof design, with its optimized absorber layout leads to minimized reflections and offers outstanding performance for NSA, SVSWR and FU.

EMI - CISPR 16-1-4 and ANSI C63.4, fully compliant

EMS - IEC/EN 61000-4-3, fully compliant

Full Compliance Testing for Radiated Emissions:

ANSI C63.4

FCC Parts 15 and 18

EN 50147-2

CISPR 11 / EN550011

CISPR 16 / EN550016

CISPR 22 / EN550022

VCCI V-3 / 2003.04

SAE J551

Full Compliance Testing for Radiated Immunity:

IEC 61000-4-3 / EN61000-4-3

SAE J551



Used Frankonia SAC-3 Plus Chamber

Manufacturer & Model

Used RF Shielded Anechoic Chamber

100 DB from 14 KHz to 10 GHz




Used Anechoic Chamber 

Used Universal RF Shielded Room

Used Universal Anechoic Chember

Used Antenna Test Chamber

Used Universal RF Shield Room with Semi-Anechoic Absorber 

The door size is 3' x 7' clear opening

Chamber is 10'H x 12'W x 20'L. 

The absorber cones are a combination of 12" and 18" and were made by Advanced Electro Magnetics. 

The cones are glued on however they do come off easily without damage.

Exterior of chamber has been painted.

The chamber has been fully disassembled and will fit in a 40’ trailer and the weight is under 10k lbs.




Extra Absorber

Extra Absorber

Absorber Inside Chamber

Absorber Inside Chamber 

Shipping & Delivery

Price & Availability



Universal & AEMI



Series 26



Antenna test Chamber






Albion, MI

Ships From


Albion, MI

Ships To


Continental USA & Canada

Shipping Cost


Not Included


See Above





In Stock



First Come


Used Good







Sold Date


Manufacturer & Model

New & Used RF Shielded Room

EMI Power Line Filters

100 DB from 14 KHz to 10 GHz



Used Corcom EMI Filter


Used AR Tripod

AR TP1000AM1 Tripod

Used EMCO 2090 2 Channel Controller

Used EMCO 2090 Controller

EMCO dual channel 2090 controller

Used Lindgren 3 wire plus ground stud x 30 Amp in cabinet. 

These are rated to 40 GHz and are UL labeled. 

Have two (2) in stock

$1,000.00 each

Used CORCOM 4 x 100 Amp UL in cabinet

Have Three (3) in Stock


New Genisco 2 x 30 Amp with potted ground wire, not just a stud. Non-UL

Have Two (2) in Stock

$500.00 each


Amplifier Research TP1000AM1 Tripod


Looks like early version of TP1000BM1


EMCO 2090 Dual Channel Controller


Shipping & Delivery

Price & Availability









EMI Power Line Filters






Ferndale, WA 98248

Ships From


Ferndale, WA 98248

Ships To


Continental USA & Canada

Shipping Cost


Not Included



See Above





In Stock



First Come


Used Very Good or New







Sold Date


We receive inquiries daily for used Amplifiers, Shielded Rooms, Anechoic Chambers and EMC, ESD, RF & Microwave Test Equipment. If you have any used test equipment that is not being fully utilized,
please contact us about listing it on our website.

It costs you nothing to advertise.

We charge 10% of the sales price and only if we find you a buyer.
If you are looking to purchase used test equipment, please contact us,
we will do our best to find a match to your request.

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