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Retractable Sprinkler Head

FM Approved

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Sprinkler Innovations, LLC, provides innovative product and design solutions for the fire protection industry’s most demanding environments. Many of the world’s industry leaders including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and BAE have selected our Factory Mutual approved retractable telescoping sprinkler heads for anechoic chambers to protect their
most valuable investments.



Sprinkler Innovations Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head system can be installed with minimum disruption to your chamber, replacing your existing sprinkler system.


Our proprietary technology is your best choice for anechoic chambers

  • Designed and built to be virtually maintenance-free for 7 years

  • Trip test time is only 2 hours

  • Slam tested at 225 lbs

  • Easily installed to replace your current system

  • Retracts and resets after testing

  • No need to enter chamber or remove anechoic
       materials for tests or false activations

  • Water Pressure Activated

  • Factory Mutual (FM) Approved


Vertical Friction Loss


Horizontal Friction Loss






Available in a wide variety of lengths to match

extensions of anechoic cones and panels

(Lengths are in Feet):
























Designed for Pre-Action Systems


Wet System Models Coming Soon



The Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head improves upon the design and operation of sprinkler systems in order to eliminate current deficiencies and improve the competencies of design and performance. Current systems may malfunction resulting in costly mistakes or delays.

The Telescoping Sprinkler Head has a controlled telescoping feature and will not telescope down under its own weight.



Test the sprinkler system with a minimum disruption of anechoic testing.

The regular trip tests necessitated by anechoic materials cause disruptions and delays
in anechoic testing and cut into profitable testing schedules. Sprinkler Innovations Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head presents an immediate solution to this problem. The Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head automatically retracts and resets itself. The trip test is run, and when the system is depressurized, the Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head resets itself. There is no need to remove items or anechoic materials from the chamber in order to reset the sprinkler heads. Start to finish - a disruption of only 2 hours.

Patented Technology


CAD  Drawing 1

Patent # 6808128

CAD Drawing 3

Patent # 6808128

CAD Drawing 2

Patent # 6808128




Sprinkler heads in crate

Shipping Crate

Required on most orders



Viking VK350 Sprinkler



Approved Brass Sprinklers


Viking Sprinkler, K-Factor 8.0


Viking Sprinkler, K-Factor 11.2

Most Popular


Globe Sprinkler, K-Factor 8.1


Globe Sprinkler, K-Factor 11.2

Yo-Yo Sprinkler           Yo-Yo Sprinkler Side           Yo-Yo Sprinkler back

For Absorber System < 24" sprinkler must extend at least 6" below

For Absorber System ≥ 24" sprinkler must extend at least 12" below

Maximum Coverage Allowed per Sprinkler is 80 ft² using VK530

Pipe connection to the head is 2" NPT on the inlet


Retractable Sprinkler Shielding Effectiveness


Shielding Effectiveness Report


SI Shielding Effectiveness


Sprinkler Heads

RF Shielding Effectiveness

 With water in the pipe

SE with water in pipe





For years research organizations and industry have used anechoic chambers to conduct research and testing on technology that directly impacts society and the environment. The unique environment of anechoic chambers allows precise and demanding testing of the technology of today, by offering an ambient free and echo-free enclosure. The necessary sound absorption level of 99% to 100%, or a reflected sound pressure level of 10% or less, is created by lining walls, ceiling and floors with deep sound absorbing wedges or panels. This presents special challenges for effective sprinkler systems that must extend beyond these materials in order to quickly mitigate any fire or smoke hazard.

Sprinkler Innovations Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head meets these special challenges head on, and answers them with innovative technology to improve the competency of your anechoic chamber.



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the installation height requirements?
18" of minimum space is required over and above the length of the sprinkler head. For example, for a 24" drop down head, 42"  of clear space for installation is required
2. What are the maintenance requirements?
Once per year check the fluid in the bottle making sure that at least one to two inches of fluid remains in the bottle at all times when retracted. Other than this, the sprinkler head is maintenance-free for up to seven years.
3. How often can heads be tested?
The sprinkler heads can be tested as frequently as once per week if necessary. Typically, heads are tested once per year.
4. What other requirements are there for installing the sprinkler heads?
The heads need to be installed in conjunction with a pre-action system.

New wet system heads will be available soon

5. Does anyone have to enter the chamber to reset the sprinkler heads if there is a false activation of the sprinkler system?
No. When the sprinkler contractor drains the sprinkler system the heads will automatically retract without entering the chamber.
6. Do the heads have to be reset manually?
No. The heads automatically reset when the pressure is relieved from the sprinkler system.
7. Does any test equipment or anechoic material need to be removed to reset the sprinkler heads if the sprinkler system is tested or activated?
8. Is water deployed into the chamber during a false activation?
No water is deployed unless the heat rises to 155 degrees F at the sprinkler head.
9. How long will the chamber be out of service in the case of an annual test or false activation?
During yearly tests, the sprinkler heads could be retracted within one hour. During a false activation, the heads could be retracted within one hour after the sprinkler contractor arrives on site.
10. How fast will the sprinkler head deploy during activation?
At 200 PSI, a sprinkler head will drop approximately 3.0" per second
11. What is the RF rating certification for the sprinkler head?
≥ 100 dB from 10 KHz to 40 GHz (See Chart Above)
12. What installation support do you provide?
Sprinkler Innovations provides a detailed O&M manual with each order to the installers and owner of the heads. We are available regularly 9-4PM EST Monday through Friday for personal telephone response to installation questions.
13. How soon can we receive our order?
FOB for most orders is 6 weeks. We can ship sooner for special requests with payment of a rush deposit.
14. Can Sprinkler Innovations assist with special design and installation situations?
Yes. Sprinkler Innovations specializes in providing innovative design and installation solutions for our clients’ most demanding environments. For example, many of our clients have special height restrictions in their chambers, and we have developed customized sprinkler heads to solve each of these problems.

  Last Updated: June 13, 2019
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