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RF Shielded Video Cameras

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At TDK RF Solutions our mission is to utilize TDK's global technical expertise and resources to become the preferred provider of EMC solutions, research & development, product design, and test products for the worldwide RF community.

TDK RF Solutions designs, manufactures, and installs automated test systems, software, antennas, and a wide range of products used in electromagnetic compatibility test applications. In North America, TDK RF Solutions is your exclusive source for fully anechoic chambers built with TDK's high performance hybrid absorbers. TDK is a pioneer in the development of commercial ferrite-based products including components, tile, and polystyrene absorber.

TDK RF Solutions combines the experience of TDK with the innovation of EMC Automation to better understand and meet customer needs. We call it Total RF Expertise and it means TDK RF Solutions is your trusted single partner for RF consultation, design, test products, and services.

All TDK Cameras are NDAA Aproved

TDK RF Shielded HD Color Video Camera

EMI / RFI Shielded HD Color Video Camera


Designed for EMC, Immunity & Neuroscience Testing

Loaded with Features


High Definition All Digital


RF Shielded HD Video Camera (VC-06)

EMI Shielded to >200 V/m

DC - 18 GHz


The new VC-06 hi-definition, all digital, color video camera was developed for remote monitoring of equipment during EMC testing in a shielded room or anechoic chamber.

Designed to operate in harsh electromagnetic environments, it is ideal for anechoic chamber monitoring, shielded access control, and test action archiving.

Camera Features

  • 1920 x 1080 x 30 fps High Definition
  • Zoom: 30x Optical, 12x Digital
  • Low Light Sensitivity: 0.5 lux without ICR (night vision) and 0.095 with ICR
  • EMI Shielded to >200 V/m (DC to 18 GHz)
  • Shielded 12 VDC or universal AC adapter operated
  • Single fiber optic for Audio/Video/Control
  • Pan/Tilt mechanism
  • Remote control for Pan, Tilt, Focus, Zoom, Iris Control
  • Color Enhancement
  • Image Enhancements: E-flip, Black & White, and Mirror Image

Optical Capabilities

  • Resolution: 1920x1979 30p HD
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.8" with approx. 3.27 Mega pixels
  • Zoom: 30x Optical zoom; +12x Digital zoom
  • Angular Field of View: 55.4° wide; 2.9° telephoto
  • Minimum Object Distance: 10 mm (wide); 1000 mm (telephoto)
  • Iris Control: Manual and Automatic
  • Color Balance: Automatic Synchronization
  • Angle of Pan/Tilt: Pan: +/- 150° degrees; Tilt: +/- 30° degrees
  • Fiber Optic Cable: 62.5 u glass fiber
  • Video Output: HDMI
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.5 lux

Mini Video Camera


TDK MVC-06 RF Shielded Camers

TDK MVC-06 Camera

RF Shielded Mini Video Camera

EMI Shielded to >200 V/m

DC - 18 GHz


Product Overview

The TDK MVC-06 High Definition Mini Video Camera is a small, light-weight, all-digital, high performance RF shielded CCTV video camera system specifically designed for remote monitoring of equipment under EMC testing. The camera is ideal for monitoring in vehicles and small spaces.

Designed for Commercial & Military EMC Testing

The MVC-06 RF shielded HD video camera is designed to operate in the harsh environments required by EMC testing. The camera is housed in an EMI hardened protective case and the control and video signals use fiber optics to prevent interference caused by high electromagnetic fields present during EMC testing.

Designed for Vehicle Testing

The MVC-06 combines with the VCAP Video Camera Articulating Positioner for convenient placement in vehicles.

The MVC-02 Has Been Discontinued

Camera Features

  • 1920x1800, High Definition

  • Battery Life of 6-8 Hours

  • Field of View of 87 degrees

  • EMI shielded to >200 V/m (DC to 18 GHz); Shielded 12 V DC battery operated

  • Can be used with the VCAP Video Camera Articulating Positioner for placement in vehicles and small spaces

  • Fixed focal length with automatic focusing

  • Video camera is compliant with NDAA 2019 Section 889

MVC-06 Camera System Components

  • One MVC-06 HD Mini Video Camera

  • Fiber-optic to video converter

  • One set of 25m fiber optic cables

  • Battery charger

  • Clamp mount with 1/4"-20 hole for universal mounting

Video Camera Articulating Positioner


Camera Articulating Positioner


RF Shielded Camera Positioner

RF Shielded Video Camera





VC-04 Shielded Color Video Camera


Designed for EMC, Immunity & Neuroscience Testing

Loaded with Features


EMI Shielded to 200 V/m


DC - 18 GHz




User Manual

1/3" CCD; high resolution

NTSC and PAL versions

EMI shielded to 200 V/m (DC to 18 GHz)

Meets Mil-Std-461E Requirements

Shielded 12 V DC or universal AC adapter operated

Camera-only option for applications not requiring pan/tilt or remote control

Pan/tilt mechanism

6 Preset positions for zoom and focus

Local and remote zoom/focus controls

Remote control for pan/tilt, focus, zoom, iris control

Camera ID character generation

Computer control with IEEE-488 option

Audio option provides both audio and visual monitoring

Applications for:

Neuromuscular Biomechanics Labs

Electromyography (EMG) Laboratory

Neuroscience Laboratories

Reverberation Chambers

CAT & CT Scanner Rooms

Immunity Test Chambers

MIL-STD-461E Testing

Anechoic Chambers

Neurology Lab

MRI Rooms

Camera Wall Mount



Camera Wall Mount (VCWM)


RF Invisible


Custom lengths available

Supports up to 6 kg

Permanent sturdy fixture

Wall mounting of video cameras

Ceiling Mounts Also Available

Camera Monopod Stand



Stand for camera


Video Camera Stand (VCMS-Series)


RF Invisible


Makes portable mounting for video camera

Supports up to 6 kg

Mobile mounting for video cameras

Adjustable Tripod


Non-Conductive & RF Invisible

TDK TRI-350R Tripod


Supports 33 lbs



The TDK TRI-350R tripod is a sturdy, lightweight, portable, non-conductive tripod designed specifically for mounting antennas and video cameras in EMC test environments.

The tripod is constructed of light but strong fiberglass and plastic to provide the necessary stability while allowing for lightweight portability.

The tripod easily adjusts from 65 cm to 160 cm in height and supports equipment up to 15 kg. The sturdy, fixed-length fiberglass legs feature smooth-rolling lockable caster wheels for easy maneuverability. If preferred, fixed adjustable rubber foot pads can be optioned to accommodate uneven floor surfaces.

The tripod legs fold inward for storage or transportation between test sites.

The TRI-350R is available with a variety of antenna and video camera mount adapters to meet your requirements.

Video Camera Positioning Mount




Video Camera Manual Pan Tilt Mount

Designed for Fixed Position Cameras

Position Camera without motorized Pan & Tilt

360° Rotation in X/Y plane

180° Rotation in Z axis

System Interface



Camera Controller


TDK RF SI-300CC Camera Controller


Four Camera SI-300CC Setup


Controls 1 to 4 Cameras

Multiple Controllers

 for as many Cameras as you need

on one display screen



The TDK RF Solutions SI-300CC camera controller is capable of controlling up to four independent camera units.

It allows precision manipulation of camera features such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus with the use of two joysticks.

In addition, the SI-300CC comes fully equipped with a graphical LCD, four function keys, four special keys, and twelve numerical keys for user-friendly control.


SI-300CC Controllers can be combined to control as many cameras as you need.

EUT Monitoring System



EUT Monitoring



EUT Monitoring, Analysis, Data Recording
TDK RF Solutions EUT (Equipment Under Test) Monitoring System combines monitoring instrumentation, video and audio equipment, and software to provide EUT signal monitoring (analog and digital), EUT stimulation, and monitoring for visual or audio interference during testing.

Unlike other systems, TDK RF Solutions� EUT Monitoring System analyzes data for interference or failure conditions during the test, and records test data for retrieval after the test is complete.

Video Capture Software



Video Capture Software


The TDK RF Solutions VDU-01 is a high-performance machine vision computer that may be used in conjunction with TDK EUT Monitoring Lab to automatically detect EUT failures that are characterized by changes in the video image.

The VDU-01 may be configured to read status indicator lights, indicators on LCD displays, analog gauges, etc.

When the VDU-01 detects
a failure, it notifies TDK EUT Monitoring Lab,
which records the time, date, frequency and
level associated with the failure.


TDK EUT Monitoring Lab with the Hardware
Video Capture/Compression option allows
you to acquire real-time video from any
composite video source, including the TDK
RF Solutions Shielded Video Camera System (VCS-04)


  • VDU-01 Video Detection Unit

  • 720 X 480 resolution

  • Streaming video stored in MPEG format

TDK Control Desk

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