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RF Shielded SCIF Doors & Accessories

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Made in the USA 
Shielding Resources Group, Inc. (SRG) is an innovative, reliable manufacturer of RF shielded enclosures and components. 
SRG offers high quality, competitively priced products, we also service RF/EMI enclosures for technical maintenance and problem resolution.

SRG is a national and internationally recognized brand name in the RF shielding industry for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and Tempest rooms.
RF Shielded SCIF Door Requirements Questionnaire

SRG ULTRA-RF/A - RF Shielded Acoustic ICD 705 Tempest SCIF Doors

ICD 705 Compliant RF Shielded Door

RF Shielded SCIF Door   EMI Shielded SCIF Door

Standard 60dB


Enhanced Performance 80dB


Finally, a radio frequency shielded door that blends into its surroundings yet affords the RF shielding protection you require.

Designed For Commercial And Security Applications

Virtually Maintenance Free

Acoustic Absorber Filled Solid Steel Door Leaves

Standard Two (2) Year Limited Warranty

STC 50 / NIC 50 Rated Acoustic Performance

Optional STC 52 Available

Exceeds The Shielding Effectiveness Requirements of NSA 73-2A, IEEE 299 and NACSIM 5204


Advancing the "state of the art" technology in RF contact mechanisms, the ULTRA-RF/A series doors provide the opening and closing forces associated with conventional entry doors. 

The standard cylindrical passage lockset supplied with the ULTRA-RF/A series doors complies with applicable Americans With Disabilities ACT (ADA) Requirements and presents the image of a conventional office lockset. 

The passage lockset is ANSI A156.2 Grade 1 and UL Listed.   In the open or closed position, the ULTRA-RF/A maintains the appearance of a door, not a bank vault look. 

* US PATENT NUMBER 9,828,798

Standard STC 50 / NIC 50 Acoustic Performance

Optional STC 52 Available



The ULTRA-RF/A is furnished with a

 standard two (2) year limited warranty.

Metal stud framing

SRG RF Shielded SCIF door being installed
SRG ULTRA-RF/A SCIF Door Being Installed
RF Shielded Tempest Door
SRG Wood Veneer SCIF Door
SRG ULTRA-RF/A SCIF Door Installed
Shielded SCIF Door with Closer
SCIF Door with Security Switch
RF Shielded SCIF Double Leaf Door
SRG ULTRA SCIF Double Leaf Door Installed
SRG SCIF RF Shielded Double Door Frame
Double Leaf Door Frame with Removable Center Mullion
Tall RF Shielded ICD 705 SCIF Door
Tall ICD 705 Shielded SCIF Door
Wide ICD 705 Tempest Door
Wide RF Shielded Tempest SCIF Door

STANDARD PERFORMANCE (60dB Shielding Effectiveness)
The ULTRA-RF/A (Standard Version) has the following performance levels when tested in accordance with IEEE 299, NSA 94-106 and NACSIM 5204:

Magnetic Field Electric Field Plane wave Microwave
10 KHz     30 dB 10 KHz   100 dB 50 MHz    100 dB 2 GHz   70 dB
100 KHz   50 dB 100 KHz   100 dB 100 MHz    80 dB 4 GHz   65 dB
1 MHz      60 dB 1 MHz    100 dB 400 MHz    80 dB 8 GHz   60 dB
10 MHz    75 dB 10 MHz   100 dB 1000 MHz  75 dB 10 GHz  60 dB
30 MHz    90 dB 30 MHz   100 dB 12 GHz    55 dB 18 GHz  40 dB

(S/E values are minimum performance)

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE (80dB Shielding Effectiveness)
The ULTRA-RF/A (Enhanced Version) has the following performance levels when tested in accordance with IEEE 299, NSA 94-106 and NACSIM 5204:

Magnetic Field Electric Field Plane wave Microwave
10 KHz     30 dB 10 KHz   100 dB 50 MHz    100 dB 2 GHz   80 dB
100 KHz   50 dB 100 KHz  100 dB 100 MHz    100 dB 4 GHz   80 dB
1 MHz      60 dB 1 MHz    100 dB 400 MHz    95 dB 8 GHz   80 dB
10 MHz    80 dB 10 MHz   100 dB 1000 MHz  90 dB 10 GHz  80 dB
30 MHz    90 dB 30 MHz   100 dB   12 GHz  70 dB
      18 GHz  55 dB

(S/E values are minimum performance)


1.1       Door Leaf: The door consists of a solid core and laminated leaf.  The sides and top of the door leaf are banded with a brass contact channel which is electro-mechanically bonded to the shielding media that is applied to the door face.  A brass contact angle is mechanically attached at the bottom of the door.  The standard door face finish is primed gray. As a option, the faces of the door can be supplied with a wood veneer or a high pressure plastic laminate (HPPL) which is "Natural Oak" in color.  (Other colors and or finishes are available on request)
1.2       Door Frame: The door frame consists of a RF interface frame which the door jambs, sill and head are attached to.  The jambs, head and sill are 12 gauge galvanized steel. The door leaf and door frame are furnished as a complete assembly and are available in a ADA flush sill or raised sill configuration.

1.3      Hardware: The ULTRA-RF/A is supplied with all hardware in a US26D finish and Clear Anodized  (which is Satin Chrome).  The hinge mechanism is a commercial grade, full surface, security hinge.  The hinge system is designed and installed so there is no contact between the RF seals and the hinge plates.  The standard lockset provided is a passage, extra heavy duty lever handle which meets the Accessibility Guidelines of the Americans With Disabilities ACT (ADA), the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and ANSI 156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1.  Entrance, classroom, storeroom, privacy locksets and push/pull plate assemblies are available on request.
1.4       Threshold: The ULTRA-RF/A is supplied with a steel or stainless steel threshold for both the flush sill and raised sill configuration.  The threshold is electro-mechanically attached to the door frame assembly. The threshold is available in single or dual tapers (for new or existing construction). The sill has a maximum height of 1/2" (after installation of customer supplied flooring).

1.5       Standard Door Size: The ULTRA-RF/A is supplied as a single leaf 3'-0" X 7'-0" standard which provides a clear finished opening of 2'-11" X 6'-11".  The ULTRA-RF/A is available in other single or double door sizes on request.

1.6       Operating Force: The ULTRA-RF/A is designed to be opened or closed with less than 20 pounds of push or pull pressure.

1.7       RF Contacts: The ULTRA-RF/A is furnished with a single row of low pressure tin plated beryllium copper electrical contact strips. The contacts are installed on the door frame jambs and head section for a flush appearance. The contracts located at the bottom of the door are attached to a removable brass mounting angle. The contacts are designed and installed to be virtually maintenance free (since no lubrication of the door is required and they are protected by the door stops). Maintenance and or repairs can be performed at the user level. All repairs and maintenance can be accomplished with a Phillips head screwdriver, utility knife and scissors. The ULTRA-RF/A is also available in a high performance version which utilizes two (2) sets of electrical contacts.  For further information on this high performance version or USER upgrade of an installed ULTRA-RF/A, contact us for details.





The ULTRA-RF/A can be supplied with a STC 50 door leaf and STC-50 acoustic seal package (DTC-42 or NIC 50 rated), single or double cylinder deadbolts, door closers, magnetic switches, medium or high security combination locks (X-10, CDX-10 or other) or customer specified hardware. Customer specified hardware must be approved by SRG to insure RF performance.


MRI Door Hardware

RF Shielded SCIF Door Acoustic Seals

ULTRA-RFA Door Copper Fingerstock & Acoustic Seals

X-10 Security Lock

Kaba Mas X-10 Security Lock


Image result for LKM10K

Lockmasters LKM10K with Kaba Mas X-10 Security Locks and Hardware


Shielding Resources Group, Inc. (SRG) is a Certified Installer

for Kaba Mas LLC & Lockmasters Inc. Products

SRG Shielded Door with LKM10K Outside   SRG RF Shielded Door w X10 Cypher Lock   SRG Shielded SCIF Door with LKM10K Inside

Lockmasters LKM10K

Tempest Door Frame Security Switch   Tempest Door Leaf Security Switch
Magnetic Security Switches

Ballistic Rated (Bullet Resistant) RF Shielded Doors

SRG offers RF shielded SCIF doors up to Ballistic Level 5
Level Bullet Caliber Shots
1 9mm (124g) FMJ 3
2 .357 Magnum (158g) SP 3
3 .44 Magnum (244g) SP 3
4 .30 Caliber Rifle (180g) SP 1
5 7.62mm Rifle (150g) FMJ 1
6 9mm Multi (124g) FMJ 5
7 5.56mm Rifle (55g) 5
8 7.62 Multi Rifle (150g) FMJ 8
8 (AP) 30-06 Rifle (166g) AP 8

UL 752 is the most common test method.
NIJ 0108.01 is one of the primary specifications used by the government and NCEL-MIL-SAMIT is generally used for military projects.

RF Shielded Air Vents

RF Shielded Honeycomb Air Vents Page

SRG RF Shielded Threaded Pipe Penetrations

RF Shielded Pipe Penetrations
Pipe Penetrations to Meet Your Requirement
RF shielded Pipe Penetration with Honeycomb
Large I.D. Pipe with Honeycomb Insert

Pipe Penetration mounted in IO Panel
Pipe Penetration Installed in IO Plate

RF Shielded Insulated Pipe Penetration
Insulated Pipe Penetration

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