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RF Shielded Room Panel System
  Xalon RF Logo  Made in the USA 

Xalon RF Shielded Room Panel System (10KHz to 40GHz)

The Perfect Solution for Radio Frequency & Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Environments

Xalon RF Shielded Room Panels

Bare Aluminum Panels Shown


Xalon RF Shielding Systems was created with a commitment to developing unique RF shielding solutions. We have taken Radio Frequency/Electro Magnetic Interference shielding to a whole new level of performance. Our extensive expertise allows us to offer a variety of products to meet every type of electro-magnetic shielding concern. Our team is committed to developing the most efficient solutions, presented in a lightweight modern format, setting us apart from the competition.

Our team has over 50 years of experience within the EMI/RFI shielding industry. With quality management and decades of manufacturing experience at the forefront, our lab tested products offer solutions for each unique environment. High performance products designed to make installation more efficient, we reduce labor costs significantly. Manufactured in the United States, our Mid-west location offers quick delivery to all 50 states, and easy access to all major ports.


Xalon RF Price List






  • Quality Materials

  • Cost Effective Solutions 

  • On-time Delivery 

  • Ease of Installation

  • Custom/Design Build

  • Quick Ship Program

  • Acoustically Absorptive Panels (available soon)

Codes & Certificates

  • Independant EMC Test Lab IEEE-299 : 2006 Tested

  • Class “A” per ASTM E-84 with a 0 smoke development / 0 flame spread

  • Class "A" Xalon RF Panels & FRP

  • Class "C" FRP Panels Available

Technical Information 

  • Xalon RF X5000 Panel Weight: 0.350 lbs/ft²

  • FRP Weight: 0.375 lbs/ft²

  • Density: X5000 (6-7#) X7500  (8-9#)

  • Fire Rating: Class “A” per ASTM E-84

  • Dimensionally Stable Core

  • R Value: 2.5

  • K Value: 0.25

  • STC Value: 46 (metal stud, 1/2" drywall)

  • Typical Shielding Effectiveness: ≥70dB from 250 KHz to 40 GHz

Sizes Available

  • Standard Wall Panel 4' x 8'

  • Custom sizes available up to 4' x 8'

  • 1/2" overall thickness (Typical, No FRP)

  • Quick Ship Ceiling Panel 2' x 4'

  • Standard Ship Ceiling Panel 2' x 2'

  • Finish: Mill finish aluminum foil

  • White FRP (Embossed) 2' x 2', 2' x 4', 4' x 8'

  • Core: X5000, X7500 (soon)

  • Xalon Electrically Conductive Seaming tape (see below)


Xalon X5000 RF Shielded Wall Panels


Xalon RF Shielded Wall Panels 

RF Shielded Wall Panels with Optional Smooth White FRP

On Walls and Ceiling

Smooth White FRP Panel
Optional Smooth White FRP Wall Panel
Panel Specifications
Xalon RF Shielded Wall Panel Xalon RF Shielded Lightweight Wall Panel Xalon RF X5000 Shielded Ceilin or Wall Panel

Xalon RF Shielded Wall Panels Shielding Effectiveness

Xalon RF Shielded Wall Panels

Xalon X5000 RF Shielded Ceiling Panels


Xalon RF Shielded Ceiling Tiles

Xalon RF Shielded Ceiling Panels Installed (Optional Smooth White FRP)


RFI Shielded Ceiling Tiles with Embossed White FRP

Xalon RF Shielded Ceiling Panels Installed (Standard Embossed White FRP)


RF Shielded Ceiling Panel with White FRP

RF Shielded Ceiling Panel with White Embossed FRP

Next to Standard Acoustic Panel

Embossed White FRP Panel
Standard Embossed White FRP Ceiling Panel

Available Sizes
Standard 2’ x 2’ x ½”
Standard (Quick Ship) 2’ x 4’ x ½”
Custom Any Size Up To 4’ x 8’ x ½”

Xalon RF Shielded Ceiling Panels Shielding Effectiveness

Xalon RF Shielded Panels SE Chart

 Xalon RF Shielded Floor Panels

Xalon RF Shielded Floor Panels

Xalon RF Shielded Floor Panels Palletized

Xalon RF Shielded Floor Panels on Pallet

Semi Rigid Aluminum Foil Panels for Shielding


We recommend Xalon FP panels be cut or shaped with electric or pneumatic metal nibbler


Must be Shipped Palletized by Truck


Ideal for covering concrete floors


Final flooring can be glued directly on top of the Xalon FP


Xalon FP Panels are applied like lightweight paneling, covering all surfaces: walls and ceiling. Other than normal cleanliness, and dust free, no special preparation is required.

The panels are not self supporting.

The foil panels may be screwed (self drilling screw recommended) (wall systems) or glued in-place (floor systems).

For maximum effectiveness, seams should be taped with 5 mil Aluminum or 5 mil Copper (recommended) electrically conductive adhesive foil tape.

For floor installations we recommend  butt jointing the panels and taping the seams with 4" wide electrically conductive foil tape.

For wall installations the Xalon FP panels can be butt jointed or overlapped, screwed and seam taped.



Xalon FP Floor Panels


20 mil Aluminum Foil Panels


Semi Rigid Foil Sheets for EMI / RFI shielding

Aluminum .020” x 48.00” x 96.00”


Ideal for covering the floor


1 sheet weighs approx 9.5lbs


0.020" (0.508 mm) (20 mil) Thick


Standard Panel Size

48" x 96" (32 ft²)


Ideal for large coverage areas,

Cuts you labor cost by 30%





Installation Methods


4" Electrically Conductive Aluminum Tape ST-4x180-1s


4" Electrically Conductive Copper Tape ST-4x75-1s-cu (Recommended)



Xalon RF Shielded Floor Panels Shielding Effectiveness
Xalon FP Typical Shielding Effectiveness
(Insertion Loss per IEEE-299 : 2006)
Installation As Installed Butt Jointed
& Taped with 4" EC Tape
As Installed
1" Overlap, Screwed &
Taped with 4" EC Tape

Install Locations

Floor, Wall, Ceiling

Floor, Wall, Ceiling

Walls, Ceiling

Electrically Conductive Seaming Tape

 1 Layer 5 mil Copper

1 Layer 5 mil Aluminum

1 Layer 5 mil Aluminum


SE (dB)

SE (dB)

SE (dB)

10 KHz, Magnetic Field




100 KHz, Magnetic Field




200 KHz, Magnetic Field




10 KHz, Electric Field




100 KHz, Electrical Field




200 KHz, Electrical Field




1 MHz, Electrical Field




10 MHz, Electrical Field




400 MHz, Plane Wave




1 GHz Plane Wave




10 GHz Plane Wave




18 GHz Plane Wave




40 GHz Plane Wave





Xalon RF Shielded ST (Aluminum & Copper) Seaming Tape

Xalon ST RF Shielded Aluminum Foil Tape

Xalon RF Shielded ST Copper Foil Tape

Xalon ST Tape is applied like any tape with a release. The tape is used to RF seal the seams of foil panels.

The 4" wide, electrically conductive PSA is ideal for sealing the panel seams.

The 6" wide, electrically conductive PSA is used to frame out all the corners and intersections between walls, ceiling and floor, before the foil panels are applied. Also for inside corners.

The 3" wide electrically conductive tape is used to electrically bond all foil panel cuts and seal the panels to door and window frames.



Xalon ST (5 mil) Aluminum Foil

Seaming Tape

Electrically Conductive PSA

P/N: ST-3x180-1s   3" x 180' (45 ft²)

P/N: ST-4x180-1s   4" x 180' (60 ft²)

P/N: ST-6x180-1s   6" x 180' (90 ft²)


Electrically Conductive PSA (one Side)

Non-Conductive PSA (opposite side)

P/N: ST-6x180-2s   6" x 180' (90 ft²)



Xalon ST (5 mil) Copper Foil

Seaming Tape

Electrically Conductive PSA

P/N: ST-4x75-1s-cu   4" x 75' (25 ft²)



Xalon ST Foil Tape Specifications

Adhesive Thickness (Standard)

2 Mils (.002”) (0.0508 mm)

Adhesive Thickness (Electrically Conductive)

2 Mils (.002”) (0.0508 mm)

Aluminum Foil Tape Thickness

5 Mils (.005”) (0.127 mm)

Copper Foil Tape Thickness

5 Mils (.005”) (0.127 mm)

Liner Type 

76# Polycoated

Peel Adhesion (PSTC - 101/180°) (20 min @ RT)

Oz./Inch: 47   N/25mm Initial to SS: 13.2

Holding Power (PSTC 107 Mod./178°)

2.2 psi (1"x1"x1000g) @ RT ≥600 min.

Volume Resistivity (ASTM D2739-97 Modified) EC Only


 Observed Resistance (ASTM D2739-97 Modified) EC Only

5m Ω

Minimum Application Temperature

50° F (10° C)

No Load Applied, Service Temperature Range

-40° to 250° F

Xalon ST Aluminum Tape Shielding Effectiveness
Xalon ST 5 mil Aluminum Tape with Electrically Conductive PSA
Xalon ST Copper Tape Shielding Effectiveness
Xalon ST (5 mil) Copper Tape

RF Shielded Doors & Air Vents

We Recommend Shielding Resources Group RF Shielded SCIF Doors

Recommended Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems

ACP Classic X Cliq


Armstrong Prelude ML


Armstrong Prelude XL


Armstrong Prelude XM


CertainTeed Classic Aluminum Capped Stab System


CertainTeed Classic Environmental Stab System


For Retrofit. Most existing, commercial grade, ceiling grid systems can be made to work


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