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RF Shielded Curtains & Covers

dB Shield

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Made in the USA

Select-a-Shield™ RF/ EMI curtains are ideal for numerous confined area RFID shielding applications, pre-compliance testing, secure communications and temporary shielding situations.

SELECT has developed specialized RF/EMI shielding partitions or curtains that can be used to create your own unique shielding environment. Design projects include shielding unprotected windows, protecting personnel & equipment from radiated electromagnetic exposure, safeguarding radar assemblies with EM reflective covers, and improving RFID scan accuracy through use of shielding strip curtains mounted outside scanner tunnels.

Shielding effectiveness of SELECT RFI/EMI curtain systems can be increased with proper grounding techniques and by minimizing or eliminating gaps that allow RF leakage.


Select Fabricators RF Shielded Curtains, Covers and Tarps

 EMI RFI Shielded Curtains, Covers and Tarps


NOVA & JUNO (Fire Rated) Fabric

Series 050-SW

Single Layer Curtain

60 - 70 dB Attenuation 14 MHz to 40 GHz


Series 050-DW

Double Layer Curtain

70 - 90 dB Attenuation 1 MHz to 40 GHz


RF Shielded Curtain


RF Shielded Curtain


Clean Room RF Shielded Curtain



   Optional Magnets Along Curtain Bottom with Optional ESD Outer Covering

ESD Inner Liner



When an RF shielded room or tent won't work, but you need to decrease the ambient RF levels inside or keep your RF signals from getting out.


Electronics Laboratory

Medical Equipment Laboratory

Transportation Cover for Sensitive Equipment

Temporary EMI Shielding

Conveyor Belt RFID Readers and Scanners

Class 1000 Clean Room

Large Air & Ground Transportation Building Openings


Easy Open Curtain Tracks

Permanently or Temporarily Affixed

Hanging Grommets

Magnets Along Bottom of Curtain


RF Shielded Zipper


Magnetic Closure

Conductive Velcro®

Custom Aerospace Covers

Select Fabricators has extensive experience in the Aerospace and Defense industries designing and producing complex covers, tarps, and other products for aerospace, aircraft, and military applications.

Covers are fabricated from advanced flexible materials, fabrics, films, and laminates to meet the project’s requirements.

Select Fabricators’ team will work with your drawing and engineering team to source the correct advanced materials and construct the appropriate design.

Select Fabricators excels in advanced materials procurement, attains extremely high quality standards, and total project quality and review to insure compliance with the most exacting requirements typical in the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Select Fabricators’ onsite ISO Class 7 (class 10,000) cleanroom and isolated area, which is ISO class 5 (class 100 cleanroom) provide strict particulate control.

We have successfully satisfied numerous contract requirements for:

  • Sensitive Equipment Transport Covers
  • Device and Product Assembly
  • Cleanroom production of special protections for sensitive components
  • Portable RF/EMI shielded enclosures cleanroom-fabricated for aerospace standards
  • Rocket and missile covers
  • NASA’s Webb Telescope

RF Shielded Aerospave Cover

CRF Shielded Curtains

RF Curtain on Conveyer Line 

RF Shielded RFID Reader Curtain

RF Shielded Curtain for RFID Reader on Conveyor Line


RF Shielded Curtain Options

Hardware Options

  EMI Shielded Curtain         RFI Shielded Curtain
RF Shielded Curtains

Curtain Gromett         RF Curtain Grommet         Curtain Attachment

Velcro®  & Grommet Examples

RF Shielded Tarp

RF Shielded Tarp

Tent Options

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