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EMC Test Manufacturer Contact Information

Antennas, Spectrum Analyzers


Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Aaronia AG

Susceptibility and EMI Scanners

Amber Precision Instruments, Inc.

3333 Bowers Ave. Suite 175

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Tel: 408-887-7258

Fax: 408-496-5740

CPI (formerly varian)

TWT Microwave Amplifiers  10 Watts to 4,000 Watts, 1 GHz to 50 GHz

Communications & Power Industries Canada, Inc.

45 River Drive

Georgetown, Ontario L7G 2J4 Canada

Tel: 905-877-0161

Fax: 905-877-5327


Contact: Tom Sertic

PPG Cuming Microwave

RF & Microwave Absorber

PPG Aerospace

Cuming Microwave

225 Bodwell Street

 Avon, MA 02322 USA

Tel: 508-580-2660

Fax: 508-584-2309


Diamond Engineering


Antenna Measurement Systems

Diamond Engineering, Inc.

P.O. Box 2037

484 Main St.
Diamond Springs, CA 95619

Tel: 530-626-3857

Contact: Mike Hillbun

CAGE CODE: 64962  DUNS Number: 184752848  SICs:

EMI & TEMPEST Receivers

Dynamic Sciences International, Inc.
9400 Lurline Avenue, Unit B
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Tel: 818-226-6262 or 800-966-3713

Fax: 818-226-6247

Contact: Eli Shiri

EMC Test Design, LLC.

Isotropic Field Meter

EMC Test Design, LLC.

PO Box 600532,
Newton, MA 02460
Tel: 508-292-1833

Fax: 617-964-6263

ESDEMC Technology
ESDEMC Technology
4000 Enterprise Drive,Suite 103
Rolla, MO, 65401, USA
Phone: (+1) 573-202-6411
Toll Free (US) : 877-864-8479
Fax: (+1) 877-641-9358

Power Quality EMI / RFI Filters, Inverters

Filtronica, Inc.

1672 East Main Street, Suite E
Ramona, CA 92065
Tel: 760-612-1978
Contact: Peter Krickhuhn

CAGE CODE: 07294 DUNS Number: 074182366   SICs: 3675

Custom, Facility, Signal Line & Power Line Filters

Genisco Filter Corp.

5466 Complex Street, Suite 207
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 858-565-7405
Fax: 858-565-7415

HiLo Test
Pulsed EMI Test Equipment, ESD, Conducted

HiLo Test

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of HiLo Test

Innco Systems Logo

Positioning Systems for EMC Testing

Innco Systems

Reliant EMC is the Central and South American Distributor

 of Innco Systems


Measuring Vector Electric Field Probes

Reliant EMC

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Kapteos

LAPLACE INSTRUMENTS Laplace Instruments Logo

LaplacCells, LISN's, Spectrum Anlayzers

Laplace Instruments Ltd

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Laplace Instruments

Lumiloop Logo
Laser Powered E-Field Probes

Reliant EMC

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Lumiloop

Nexio EMC Test Software

EMC Automated Test Software
Nexio SAS
48, Rue René Sentenac
31300 Toulouse France
Tel : 05 61 44 02 47

OPHIR RF Power Amplifiers

CAGE CODE: 1B8L3  DUNS Number: 175918846  SICs: 3663

Broadband RF Amplifiers 1 to 4000 Watts

Communication Amplifiers 500 MHz to 6.4 GHz


5300 Beethoven Street

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Tel: 310-306-5556

Fax: 310-577-9887

Contact: Ed Davis

Pearson Electronics Logo

Current Monitors | Clamp-On Current Monitors
Capacitive Voltage Dividers
High Voltage Pulse Transformers
Powerline Ripple Detectors | Coaxial Current Monitors

Reliant EMC

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Pearson Electronics


Ramsey Shielded Enclosures Webpage

EMC, RF & Microwave Test Boxes & Enclosures

Ramsey Electronics LLC
590 Fishers Station Dr.
Victor, NY   14564  USA
Tel: 800-446-2295
Fax: 585-924-4886

Reliant EMC

EMC Test Systems Line Card

Reliant EMC

3311 Lewis Ave
 Signal Hill, CA 90755
Telephone:+ 408 916 5750

Contact: Bruce Garofalo


Sanwood Environmental Chambers
Sanwood Environmental Test Chambers

Sanwood Environmental Chambers

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Sanwood

Schloeder Logo

EMC & ESD Test Systems

Reliant EMC

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Schloder



EMC & ESD Test Systems

Reliant EMC

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Schwarzbeck

Seibersdorf Laboratories

Site Validation of anechoic chambers, antenna test sites and open area test sites

Reliant EMC

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Seibersdorf Laboratories

Select Fabricators

RF Shielded Tents and Pouches

Select Fabricators, Inc.

5310 North Street, Building #5

P.O. Box 119

Canandaigua, NY USA 14424

Tel: 585-393-0650  888-599-6113

Antennas, Capacitors, Coupling Networks, Essential Apparatus Charts, Instruments
Line Impedance Networks, Probes, Pulse Transformers, Resistive Devices, Transformers
Wave Filters

Solar Electronics Company
10866 Chandler Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Toll Free: 800-952-5302
Tel: 818-755-1700
Fax: 818-755-0078

Spitzenberger & Spies

Leading manufacturer of analog high performance amplifiers for industrial measurement and test systems.

Spitzenberger & Spies

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of Spitzenberger & Spies

Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Heads for Anechoic Chambers

Sprinkler Innovations LLC

5 Perry Way Unit 2

Newburyport MA 01950

 Phone: 978 462-9874

 Fax: 978-465-1946
Contact: Jim Beers



Shielding Resources Group, Inc.

RF Shielded SCIF Doors, Honeycomb Air Vents and Shield Room Accessories
Shielding Resources Group, Inc.
PHONE: 918.663.1985
TOLL-FREE: 888.895.3435
FAX: 918.663.1986

TDK RF Solutions, Inc.


CAGE CODE: 1RCY9  DUNS Number: 196753552  SICs: 3825

EMC Test Antennas, TEM Cells, Systems Integration, Anechoic Chambers, EMI &EMS Software, Compact Chambers, 10, 5 & 3 meter Anechoic Chambers, Ferrite Tile Single or Panel, RF Absorber

TDK RF Solutions, Inc.

1101 Cypress Creek road

Cedar park, TX 78613

Tel: 512-258-9478 

Fax: 512-258-0740


Tempest Security Systems

RF Shielded Glass (No Screen)

P.O. Box 584
Troy, OH 45373
Tel: 937-335-5600

    Fax: 937-335-0018

Contact: Ian Waterman

CAGE CODE: 09SQ9 DUNS Number: 015703515

Communication, Horn Antennas , Wide-Band Horn Antennas, Dish Antennas , Log Periodic, Helical, Biconical, Biconical Monopole, Vari-pol Feeds, Yagi-Udas & Patch Antennas

TMC Design Corp.

Antenna Division

4325 Del Rey Blvd.

Las Cruces, NM 88012

Tel: 505-524-4225

Fax: 505-523-8588

DUNS: 826286119   CAGE/NCAGE: 57YZ0
Legal Business Name: MILYN L.L.C. dba TruProtect

Lightweight RF Shielded Panels


 5507 10th Street

Lubbock, TX 79416

Tel: (806) 281-9698
Mobile: (806) 781-2554

Contact: Mike McDonald

Universal Shielding Corp. 

CAGE CODE: 62417   DUNS Number: 061963609

Shielded Rooms, Shielded Doors, Bench Top Test Boxes, Waveguide Vents, EMC Power Filters

Universal Shielding Corp.

20 West Jefryn Blvd.

Deer Park, NY 11729-5769

Tel: 631-667-7900 

Fax: 631-667-7912


Eurofins York Logo
EMC Test Verification Equipment

York EMC Services Ltd

Reliant EMC is the North American Distributor

 of York


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