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Test System Controls

               TDK RF Solutions             

TDK RF Solutions provides innovative solutions for RF, EMI, EMS and Microwave test systems covering a wide range of specifications. Our technical expertise includes:


Radiated and Conducted Emissions

Radiated and Conducted Immunity

System Integration and Control

EUT Monitoring

Control Room, Shielded Room, and Chamber design 


TDK RF Solutions expertise in test systems engineering includes research, design, development, installation, and training. We can turn your vision into reality with a high-performance turnkey system optimized with the best selection of equipment and components, quality workmanship, and a seamless interface between the user, the system, and the environment.


Test System Controls


EMC Test Interface



The TDK RF Solutions ETI-360 EMC Test Interface is a multi-purpose microprocessor-based instrument designed to function as the central control unit for EMC tests. The ETI-360 includes a Pentium processor, hard drive, and resident NT operating system and test software. The ETI-360 supports an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


System Interface





The TDK RF Solutions SI-300 controller is a multi-purpose system interface designed for manual or computer controlled EMC test systems. The SI-300 provides a user-friendly method for controlling field sensors, turntables, masts, probe positioners, local and remote switch modules, and our line of color video cameras.


System Interface

Camera Controller






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The TDK RF Solutions SI-300CC camera controller is capable of controlling up to four independent camera units. It allows precision manipulation of camera features such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus with the use of two joysticks. In addition, the SI-300CC comes fully equipped with a graphical LCD, four function keys, four special keys, and twelve numerical keys for user-friendly control.


Remote Switch Module





The TDK RF Solutions RSM-02 Remote Switch Module works in conjunction with the EA SI-300 system interface to process switching commands for the test system. It consists of a fiber optic communication link and power supply. Each switch module is capable of driving four independent RF switches. In addition, all of the sensing circuitry is also monitored to assure a proper contact closure.


Master Control Panel




The TDK RF Solutions MCP-01 Master Control Panel is designed for EMC testing control rooms to provide interlock status, fiber optic links to remote locations or racks, and protection monitoring.


Amplifier Interface


The TDK RF Solutions AI-1000 Interface operates as its own controller from direct IEEE-488 bus connection. The interface can also be operated manually via the from panel push button switches.

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