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Lightning Transient Generator




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Manufactured and Serviced in Lowell, MA USA


  ECAT Lightning Transient Generator Test System



Lightning Test System


ECAT Lightning Simulator (Click to Enlarge)

When failure is not an option


SAE, Boeing, Airbus

and other avionics test standards


RTCA DO-160E, Section 22

 Meets Levels 1 through 5

& MultiBurst




The ECAT Lightning Test System is designed to provide a modular test platform based on the lightning simulator requirements of RTCA DO-160 Section 22.


The system is expandable to meet Boeing, Airbus and other requirements, and because of its modular configuration can be easily upgraded as requirements change.


The basic system configuration provides test capabilities to Level 3 for Pin Injection, Cable Bundle single and multiple stroke testing, and is expandable to Level 5 for all waveforms including Waveforms 3H and 6H for multi burst testing.

When failure is not an option. With its fully-automated test operations, the Thermo Scientific ECAT Lightning Test System (LTS) yields reliable, repeatable and accurate test results to avionics lightning simulator requirements of RTCA DO 160E Section 22 E/F. It is easily expandable to meet Boeing, Airbus, EUROCAE and other requirements.
Building on the legacy of proven ECAT field-upgradeable modular technology, it features fast test set-up, intuitive programming, built-in voltage and current monitoring, and front panel and remote computer control. On-site calibration and field service is available worldwide.

Basic Components and Modules





System Control Center

Includes Virtual Front Panel control with 8x40 character display, Voltage and Current monitor ports plus communications interface port for computer control and monitoring


Lightning Surge Module for Waveforms 1 and 4

6.4us x 69us current (W1) and voltage (W4) cable bundle single stroke and cable bundle multiple stroke, plus waveform 4 pin injection tests, all  available to Level 5.


Lightning Surge Module for Waveform 2

100ns x 6.4us Voltage wave for cable bundle single stroke, cable bundle multiple stroke and multi burst tests to Level 5.


Lightning Surge Module for Waveform 3

1MHz and 10MHz oscillatory waveforms for pin injection testing (1MHz) and cable bundle single and multiple stroke testing to Level 5. An option to this module is available for Waveform 3H to level 5 for multi burst testing.


Lightning Surge Module for Waveform 5A

40us x 120us Current wave for pin injection and single stroke cable bundle testing, available to 2000A peak currents to meet Boeing requirements which exceed DO-160 sec. 22 Level 5 requirements


Lightning Surge Module for Waveform 5A and 5B

All D564 capabilities, plus 50us x 500us current wave for pin injection and both single and multiple stroke cable bundle testing.


Lightning Surge Module for Waveform 6H

0.244us x 4us current waveform for cable bundle multi burst testing







Cable Induction Coupler

Provides coupling to cables for cable injection testing using Waveforms 1, 5A, and 5B


Ground Injection Coupler

Coupler for ground injection testing using Waveforms 4, 5A and 5B.


Pin Injection Coupler

Coupler for pin injection testing using Waveforms 3, 5A and 5B.


Cable Induction Coupler

Provide Cable Induction test capability for Waveforms 2 and 3


Voltage Probe

Differential high-voltage probes specifically designed for monitoring surge voltages with rise-times to 10ns and durations to 1000us. Rated to 6kV surge and 277V rms or dc steady state voltages.


Current Probe to 5000A

0.1V/A +1/-0%; max rms current 65A with usable rise time from 20ns.


Current Probe to 50kA

0.01V/A +1-0%; max rms current 400A with usable rise time from 200ns


Calibration jumpers

Used for calibration purposes.


Waveform 1: Current




Waveform 2: Voltage




Waveform 3: Voltage



Waveform 4: Voltage




Waveform 5: Current

Waveform 3H & 6H: Current Multi Burst

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