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Refurbished RF Shielded Rooms
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Made in the USA 

CIR Enterprises, Inc. is a Colorado based, family owned business with over 40 years of combined RF experience. Our company is dedicated to providing premier customer service. We offer a wide range of services to meet your project needs.

CIR Refurbished Modular Solid Wall RF Shielded Rooms

CIR RF Shielded Rooms


Solid Wall


Refurbished RF Shielded Rooms


Modular Enclosures to Size Required


CIR RF Shielded Room 


Refurbished RF Shield Room 

The CIR shielded rooms will provide up to 100db min. of attenuation from 14 KHz to 10 GHz when subject to electric fields and plane waves.

CIR Shield Room During Construction

We specialize in shielded enclosure manufacturing, modification, refurbishment, installation, and RF testing.

CIR manufactures and installs steel clad, clamp together, shielded enclosures.

We recommend the steel clad system because, with its sturdy  construction, it is easily modified. 


All Sheet Modular Steel Chambers 
3/4 MDF 28 gauge Steel Panels
CIR Manufactured Waveguides
CIR Manufactured Pen Panel/Bulkhead
Can be made to any size you require
100dB to 40GHz doors, when available

We are always looking for good used RF shielded doors. If you have any Universal, RayProof, Braden, ETS-Lindgren (knife edge) doors to sell.

RF Shielded rooms provide the necessary RF quiet environment in which to conduct many different application tests such as EMC, wireless technology on automotive or military vehicles, MRI scans, etc. These rooms are built with modular RF shielding, electromagnetic pulse protection EMP shielding, TEMPEST (secure communications) shielding and architectural shielding systems. The RF shielded room keeps electromagnetic signals from leaving the room and prevents electomagnetic interference (EMI) from entering the room.

 CIR-101008 RF Shielded Room For Sale

CIR Enterprises


RF Shielded Room

100 DB from 14 KHz to 10 GHz

10' Wide x 10' Long x 8' High

For Industrial, Communication, and
Research and Development Applications


Price: $17,895.00 (Kit Price)

Price: $20,000.00 (Kit Price, with New Door)

Installation is Available


RF Shield room door      Shielded Door


RF Shielded Room      Faraday Cage Room


EMI Power Filter      RF Shielded Air Vent

Rigid Solid Wall, Free-Standing, Modular RF Shielded Enclosure, Floor, walls and ceiling are all solid wall panels.
  Designed to meet such high performance requirements as pager, cordless and wireless repair, cellular system production, security, research, and EMI/RFI testing and calibration.  
  One (1) 3' x 7' Single Knife Edge Door (Refurbished)  
  One (1) 12" x 12" Blank Penetration Panel  
  One (1) 30 Amp filter (two wire)  
  One (1) ground stud  
  Two (2) 12" x 12" waveguide vents for air flow.  
  New panels and structural framing  
  New poly and masonite underlayment  
  New bronze wool and flashing for seams. (Included in price)  

Typical Shielding Attenuation Characteristics




Electric/Plane Waves

10KHz to 1GHz







Shielding Effectiveness (dB)

Attenuation Ratio

Percent Attenuation



10 : 1





100 : 1





1,000 : 1





10,000 : 1





100,000 : 1





1,000,000 : 1



Shielding effectiveness values are expressed in logarithmic, not linear, terms. Therefore, 80 dB of shielding effectiveness is not double the 40 dB level, but 100 times greater. Another way to express effectiveness is attenuation ratio, which compares the attenuation signal strength outside and inside the shield as shown below.

40 dB 100 times reduction of the field strength
60 dB 1,000 times
80 dB 10,000 times
100 dB 100,000 times
120 dB 1 million times
140 dB Difficult to measure, typically only used in scientific applications

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