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Pacific Wave Systems was purchased by Honeywell, No longer available


Defining the LEADING EDGE in WAVEGUIDE Technology

The comprehensive PWS component catalog features low-loss waveguide transmission lines, broad-band and high power waveguide components, along with low VSWR waveguide adapters available in SMA, K and type N. Besides the products featured in the catalog, PWS can also provide custom sub-systems, rigid waveguide components, specializing in thin wall waveguide assemblies.  PWS has pioneered and perfected new processes for soldering and dip-brazing these thin walled assemblies.  These assemblies are used for flight application or where weight is a major concern.  The products are available in aluminum, OFHC, bronze and coin silver.  Flexible waveguide assemblies are also available at very competitive prices.  PWS has the capability to electrical test all of the products it manufactures, and provide electroplating and painting.  These features enable PWS to handle any job from start to finish. 

PWS meets all the quality requirements of MIL-I-45208.  Off-the-shelf microwave product or a totally custom systems, PWS has your solution.



Available in Flexible Waveguide Also


Standard Rigid Waveguide Products

(Click on the Picture for more information)


Straight Sections

Model 200

Twist 15 - 90

Model 210

E-Plane Elbow, 30

Model 220

H-Plane Elbow, 30

Model 230


E-Plane Elbow, 45

Model 222

H-Plane Elbow, 45

Model 232

E-Plane Elbow, 60

Model 224

H-Plane Elbow, 60

Model 234

E-Plane Elbow, 90

Model 226

H-Plane Elbow, 90

Model 236

Taper Transition

Model 250

Bulkhead Flange

Model 260


SMA To Waveguide Adapter

Model 268

Type N to Waveguide Adapter

Model 270

Low Power Fixed Termination

Model 300


High Power Termination

Model 310

Fixed Attenuator

Model 320

E-Plane Tee

Model 330


H-Plane Tee

Model 340

Magic (Hybrid) Tee

Model 350

Matched Magic Tee

Model 360

Cross Guide Directional Coupler

Model 380

Cross Guide Directional Coupler

Flange To Termination

Model 390


Cross Guide Directional Coupler

Type N to Termination

Model 400

Precision Top Wall Directional Coupler

Model 370

Cross Guide Directional Coupler

SMA To Termination

Model 405


Standard Gain Horns

Model 410



CNC Milling

Conventional Milling

Prototype Machining

IGES/DXF compatible


Applied SPC and TQM

Waveguide Manufacturing

All mm Waveguides Custom and Catalog

Thin Wall and Custom Waveguides

Waveguide Bending from mm to WR-430

Flexible Waveguides

Double Ridge Waveguide

Taper and Step Transition

Quick turn-a-round and Emergency Service available

Waveguides fabricated in all materials including:

Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Coin Silver, and Invar

VSWR Testing 10 MHz to 40 GHz

Attenuation / Insertion Loss Testing

Silver Brazing

Soft Soldering (under 400 F) Including thin wall and flight application





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