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Integrated EMC Test Systems

TDK RF Solutions

TDK RF Solutions test system developments are based on proven commercial, telecommunications, automotive, and military system solutions already in place in Europe, North America, and Asia. As a result of our extensive experience and large installed based, our system designs are dynamic & we continually integrate the latest technologies into our solutions, which makes each installation more efficient and more manageable than those previously available.

Our expertise in EMC test systems engineering includes research, design, development, installation, and training. We can turn your vision into reality with a high-performance turnkey system optimized with the best selection of equipment and components, quality workmanship, and a seamless interface between the user, the system, and the environment.

TDK Integrated EMC Test Systems

Radiated/Conducted EMS Test System




Radiated/Conducted EMS Test System



We Meet Your Standards

The basis of our immunity system designs are the test standards that are applicable to your products. We evaluate the full spectrum of test specifications carefully to develop an integrated test environment that covers the basic, generic, product family, and/or product specific standards applicable to your needs. Our recommendations are based on proven system installations, in-house research and development, and extensive experience with dozens of test instrument suppliers. The result is a seamless interface between you, the test system, and the test environment.

Radiated/Conducted EMI Test System




Radiated/Conducted EMI Test System



Integrated System Design

TDK RF Solutions EMI Test Systems integrate test instrumentation, system controls, positioning devices, and software to test specific products or subsystems for electromagnetic emissions according to international, R&D, and manufacturer-specific standards. Our EMI Test Systems are designed to perform automated, semi-automated, and manual emissions measurements in an anechoic chamber, shielded room, OATS, or test cell.

EUT Monitoring System




 EUT Monitoring System



EUT Monitoring, Analysis, Data Recording

TDK RF Solutions EUT (Equipment Under Test) Monitoring System combines monitoring instrumentation, video and audio equipment, and software to provide EUT signal monitoring (analog and digital), EUT stimulation, and monitoring for visual or audio interference during testing. Unlike other systems, TDK RF Solutions EUT Monitoring System analyzes data for interference or failure conditions during the test, and records test data for retrieval after the test is complete.

Master Control Panel


Master Control Panel (MCP-01)


Product Overview

The TDK RF Solutions MCP-01 Master Control Panel is designed for EMC testing control rooms to provide interlock status, fiber optic links to remote locations or racks, and protection monitoring.

System Features

Automatic or manual control of safety features

Daisy-chain with remote interlocks to provide operating safety in any location

Redundant control of power on/off for system from each remote location

Fiber optic cabling provides immunity to outside disturbances

Large, highly visible punch-down power cut off switch

Video Capture Software



Video Capture Software


The TDK RF Solutions VDU-01 is a high-performance machine vision computer that may be used in conjunction with TDK EUT Monitoring Lab to automatically detect EUT failures that are characterized by changes in the video image.

The VDU-01 may be configured to read status indicator lights, indicators on LCD displays, analog gauges, etc.

When the VDU-01 detects
a failure, it notifies TDK EUT Monitoring Lab,
which records the time, date, frequency and
level associated with the failure.



TDK EUT Monitoring Lab with the Hardware
Video Capture/Compression option allows
you to acquire real-time video from any
composite video source, including the TDK
RF Solutions Shielded Video Camera System (VC-06)



VDU-01 Video Detection Unit

720 X 480 resolution

Streaming video stored in MPEG format



EMC Test Bench


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