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3D EM Radiation Visualization
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Made In France

Real Time Visualization of Radio Waves

Luxondes imagines, develops and manufactures, real-time measurement and visualization tools for electromagnetic fields, making the scientific message accessible around the treatment and analysis of electromagnetic waves.

Born from the ambition of two passionate experts in physics and innovation, Luxondes imagines, develops and manufactures realistic measurement and visualization tools for electromagnetic fields. These real-time visualization tools convert electromagnetic waves into visible color information in a chromatic range that varies according to their intensity. Destined for the worlds of industry, research and education, Luxondes solutions are designed to make electromagnetic wave processing and analysis accessible.

The study and the realization of the different systems presented by Luxondes are the fruit of a close collaboration with the LEOST/COSYS laboratory of the Gustave Eiffel University.

Technology  MDMV  Conversion
LUXONDES MDMV (Maximum Dynamics for Minimum Variations) technology
MDMV (Maximum Dynamics for Minimum Variations) technology is entirely analog, which allows an almost real-time response of the system.

Conversion Module
Conversion module Our different visualization systems (2D / 3D) consist of modules that directly convert the RF field level into color levels emitted by an RGB LED via an adaptation interface.

LUXONDES Our different visualization systems 2D 3D consist of modules that directly convert the RF field level into color levels emitted by an RGB LED via an adaptation interface

MDMV Module
Our MDMV analog system always maintains the maximum dynamic regardless of the difference in voltage between the high and low thresholds defined by the system or the user.



Mapping or scanning the electromagnetic emissions of electronic cards or any environment requires the use of relatively complex mechanical or electronic devices. Being autonomous, compact and fast, the ScanPhone aims to overcome these constraints. It makes it possible to map the electromagnetic environment directly on site or in locations difficult to access, such as inside a vehicle for example. This scanner, using augmented reality technology for part of its software, is composed of a smart phone coupled to removable EM field sensors to allow multiple measuring configurations.

LUXONDES ScanPhone Technical Specifications
Smart phone OnePlus7T Pro
Memory  capacity 256 Go
Autonomy > 20 h
Pixel size 2.5 mm x 4 mm x 10 mm - 25 mm
Grid size Depending on the size of the pixels. ( centimeter to meter  )
Grid type Classic - Landforms - Standard 3D - Cloud 3D - Hemisphere
Auto scale Analog module  MDMV. dynamic threshold setting
Grid thickness 3 different grid thickness
Acquisition 60 Acq / Sec
Data Export Screen shot with parameter - XML Format (ASCII)
Data analysis Android Viewer  PC Viewer (JAVA) Scientific software (Matlab, Origin)
Sensors Removable sensors - See the list
DC Input With external probe and spectrum analyzer output.

Direct mapping of radiation
Antenna optimization
Source localization
Radiation pattern observations

The scanphone is sold with 2 sensors of your choice.
There are 6 sensors to choose from:
LUXONDES ScanPhone Sensor Matrix

pdf G00 - B15 The G00-B15 sensor will allow you to perform an EMI pre-test and debugging in order to efficiently locate the EMI source and resolve EMC problems

pdf G01- 50Hz~20kHz, 0mT~5mT -Sensor optimized for low frequency measurement (50Hz)

pdf G02 - 20kHz~440MHz, -90dBV~0dBV - Magnetic field measurement

pdf G03 - 100kHz~2500MHz, -70dBm~-13dBm - Electric field measurement

pdf G04 - 300MHz~7000MHz, 30mV~300mV, -30dBm~10dBm - Electric field measurement

pdf G05 - 50Hz~3800MHz, -70dBV~-20 dBV - Electric field measurement

pdf G06 - Magnetic -50mT~+50mT - Magnetic field measurement

ScanPhone Graphical Interface

LUXONDES ScanPhone Sensor Graphic interface

pdf LUXONDES ScanPhone Data Sheet

YouTube Instructional Video Links:

Full ScanPhone instructional Video!



"See" Electromagnetic Radiation in Real Time!



Example: mapping low frequency a radiation of a transformer (50 Hz)
Sensor type: G01 (Hall effect sensor)
Bandwidth: 50 - 20000 Hz
Unit: mT



Example: mapping a surface of a electronic card

Sensor type: G02 (Magnetic field)
Bandwidth: 20 kHz - 440 MHz
Unit: dBV



Example: Mapping the radiation of a antenna ( 2 GHz )

Sensor type: G04 (electric field)

Bandwidth: 300 MHz - 7 GHz

Unit: mV ( sensor output )



Example: Projection of mapping on TV

Video Player With the broadcast function of the smartphone, it is possible to project the screen on a compatible TV. (EasyCast VDO projector)



Example: radiation shielding defect - with spectrum analyzer

Example of mapping a shield fault of an HF cable.

The sensor is here replaced by the detection part of a spectrum analyzer (Selection Fr.Centrale; SweepTime; RBW; Span Zero Mode). Output option V (y) out.

LUXONDES Example radiation shielding defect - with spectrum analyzer



Example: Planar mapping

Sensor type: G04 (electric field)

Bandwidth: 300 MHz - 7 GHz

Unit: mV ( sensor output )



Example: Mapping the magnet of a levitron

The levitron is a spinning top which levitates above a magnet.
With the scanphone, we will visualize the magnitude and the polarity of the magnet.
Sensor type: G06 (mT)


How it works?

Step 1: A detailed video of the process required for the ScanPhone to display radiation from a Raspberry.

To be able to position a virtual grid above the equipment under test (EUT), the augmented reality algorithm implemented in our smartphone computes a large number of reference points over the surface of the EUT to be scanned. This step is automatically lanched with our application and last a fews seconds.



Step 2:
PRESCAN - Detection of the min and max values.

Activation of the prescan function finds the min and max values over the surface to be scanned. At the end of the prescan, our module MDMV uses these values in order to optimize the dynamic output.



LUXONDES RWD - 400 Radio Waves Display 400

LUXONDES RWD - 400 Radio Waves Display 400

The Luxondes radiofrequency to optical conversion panel directly displays the ambient EM-field or the radiation of a transmitting DUT that is placed in front of it. It comprises 400 (20x20) autonomous identical sensors working as elementary visualization pixels. The representation of the EM field is provided through a gradient of colors. On the side of the panel you can change the sensitivity and dynamics of the system.

Direct mapping of the received field
Antenna MIMO optimization
Time reversal evaluation
Energy focusing evaluation
Radiation pattern observations

Technology: Digital
Panel area : 1m²
Number of sensor : 400 (20x20)
Sensitivity : -60 dBm to 0 dBm
Minimal dynamic range : 3 dB
Bandwidth : 50 MHz to 3 GHz
Number of displayed colours : 1024
Sensitivity adjustment: Min and max thresh-old
Real time function or delay
Delay / MaxHold
Number of color bar : 4
Viewing exceeded threshold
Weight : 30 Kg

pdf LUXONDES Radio Waves Display 400 (RWD-400) Data Sheet


Radio Waves Display

The screen allows you to directly view the ambient field or the radiation of an object under test that is placed in front of it.


Luxondes Radio Waves Display 64-PC

Radio Waves Display 64 - PC (RWD-64PC)

Direct visualization in 3D on PC acquisition of 64 sensors. Setting thresholds in real time

3D visualization softwareand data analysis.Recording format .dat .bin

3D visualization software and data analysis. Recording format .dat .bin


Luxondes 3D Visualization of Radio Waves
Selection of different sensors to visualize the variation over time. Image sequence function


The LUXONDES Radio Waves Display 64 - PC (RWD-64PC) system is for the measuring and visualizing of electromagnetism radiation. It includes 64 sensors operating between 50 MHz and 3 GHz. Bidirectional communication (USB) is established between all sensors and a PC. This one allows to adjust in real time the sensitivity and the dynamics as well as the speed of acquisition. The software developed allows the recording and the reading of the data as well as an in-depth analysis of the results. Fast and easy to adjust, the RWD saves time in antenna radiation pattern optimization, or quality control; for example in the analysis of communication signals of connected objects or in the study of the focusing of waves (time reversal, 5G communication).It is an ideal didactic tool for teaching and a powerful communication tool for present scientific work based on electromagnetic radiation.

Direct mapping of the received field
Antenna MIMO optimization
Time reversal evaluation
Energy focusing evaluation (5G)
Radiation pattern observations

pdf LUXONDES Radio Waves Display 64 - PC (RWD - 64PC) Data Sheet



LUXONDES Gyroscanfield

LUXONDES GyroScanField

The Gyroscanfield is a 3D, real-time measuring equipment whose function is to directly visualize the electromagnetic radiation of a Device Under Test (DUT) in a simple and fast way. 16 sensors with detachable antennas are spread over a 60 cm diameter ring. A set of different antennas is available corresponding to your requested frequency and sensitivity ranges. Each elementary sensor around the loop converts the electromagnetic received energy in a corresponding calibrated range of visible colors by using RGB LEDs. Each sensor has an A/D converter for backup and data mining.
The operation of the measuring equipment and the acquisition of data is done using a tablet PC. DC powering of the DUT can be performed either from the top and / or the bottom of the instrumented loop.

Comparison between different radiating systems
Quality control
Product Development
Shielding effectiveness


Direct visualization of the electromagnetic field, either continuous wave or, modulated at frequencies up to several tens of μs.

Sensors compatible with detachable antennas and the range of products from LUXONDES.

Fast acquisition speed



Size : (H) 100 x (L) 75 x (P) 85 cm

Support roller : (H) 85 cm

Rotation speed : 15 Turns /sec max.

Acquisition : 720 Points / Turn / Sensor

Power supply : 230 VAC 50 Hz


pdf LUXONDES GyroScanField Data Sheet


LUXONDES GyroScanField System utalized to visualize and measure in 3D and in real time the electromagnetic radiation of an object under test.


Visualization of the radiation of a loop antenna with the various luxonde systems

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