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Nexio EMC Test Software

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Made in France

NEXIO's software success is based on the combination of leading-edge technology in automation software, a user-friendly interface, and the high level of expertise in electromagnetic and RF testing by the dedicated staff. NEXIO's customers are among the top companies in the world in every major market sector ranging from aerospace & defense, aviation, automotive, multimedia, information technology, medical, home appliances, and so on. We are also the software of choice for some of the world's top accredited labs.

Nexio BAT-EMC Software

Nexio EMC Test Automation Software

Nexio's star product, BAT-EMC, is a world leader in automated test software. World's top accredited Labs and top Industries Leader are equipped with BAT-EMC. BAT-EMC is used in more than 20 countries worldwide (Germany, USA, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico...).
Other star products are BAT-SCANNER (near field measurements), and BAT-ELEC (for burst, surge, transients, etc.).

Flexible, easy to use and completely independent from any measuring device or systems manufacturers, BAT EMC answers to the increasing productivity and quality requirements of EMC tests and is now widely used in private laboratories and industrial groups in the civil, automotive, military and aerospace sectors worldwide.

Tests Automation




Unique user interface for all tests

Independent from any measuring device manufacturers

Free drivers and over 500 supported devices

Efficient and dedicated Technical support

Wide range of supported standards (ENxx, CISPR, AUTOMOTIVE, DO160, ...)

Interface Agilent VEE, WindowsLabView, LabWindows CVI, Visual C++

Operating system: Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Report in MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, Open office


Nexio BAT-ELEC Software

Transient Tests Automation Software

Facing new challenges in technical, productivity and economic sectors, NEXIO has developed BAT-ELEC, the only software which realizes transitional electrical tests compatible with generators of all customers and for all standards (civil, automotive, aeronautic, etc.).


Nexio EMC Software


6 Reasons to choose BAT-ELEC

  • 1 software for all your equipment
  • 1 software for all standards
  • 1 software for your electrical and EMC tests
  • Advanced functions of monitoring and control
  • Automated reports
  • Team of specialists at your disposal

All brands : HAEFELY, EMTEST, TESEQ, EMC PARTNER, Hilo, Schloder, ...


Automotive : ISO 16750-2  /  ISO 7637-2

Aeronautic : DO-160

Civil standard : IEC 61000-4-4 (burst) / IEC 61000-4-5 (surge)

Other standards and specifications

Nexio EASY- Monitoring Software


A range of simple and cost-killer, add-on modules for BAT-EMC that makes your EUT monitoring much easier. When a fault is detected, Easy-Monitoring executes actions configured by the user. Linked to BAT-EMC, it defects EUT dysfunctions through real-time signal analysis during the test. Faults are logged automatically according to user-configured criteria. Actions can also be set up by the operator to carry out detection of a fault (go to next freq, stop the test...).

Automated : Fault detected according to user configured scenarios

Easy to use : Completely integrated into BAT-EMC; no need of complex drivers configuration or programming

Flexible : Works alone or synchronized to external systems through any software or Ethernet link, RS232, IEEE...

Compatible : Drives most measuring devices (oscilloscope, NI acquisition card, GPIB)

Nexio BAT-IMAGE Software

EUT Video Acquisition & Surveillance Control Tool

An EUT video acquisition & surveillance control tool. In case of faults, it executes actions set up by the user. Associated to NEXIO's EMC software, BAT-Image detects EUT dysfunctions through real-time analysis. BAT-Image is integrated into the BAT-EMC product line developed by a team of experts ensuring design, development and technical support since 1995.




  •  Definition of the reference image
  •  Choice of zones to survey & video treatment to apply
  •  For each zone, user-set actions to follow
  •  Fault detected:Dash board lighting or warning lights (LEDs), Analog display needle position (speedometer, gauge...)
  •  Possible actions: Audio signal generation, Record of the fault image, Information transmission to EMC test system or others...

Nexio BAT-Maintenance Software

Technical Support

In a world of non-stop technological developments and rigorous quality requirements, EMC standards and test procedures evolve constantly. Your test methods need to follow these developments. Benefiting from a strong EMC engineer team, NEXIO offers its clients expert advice, development and user support.


  • Dedicated support
  • Software updates
  • Annual improvements
  • Free drivers
  • Exclusive Web Portal
  • New functions
  • Standards tracking
  • Report models

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