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Copper Screen RF Shielded Rooms
Meets the Buy American Act

Universal Shielding Corp.

Made in the USA 

Universal Shielding Corp. (USC) was established in 1972 and during this time span has provided in excess of 40,000 pre-fabricated  modular RF shielded enclosures to Government, Military, Commercial and Medical facilities. USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception.

  • Copper Screen Enclosures are designed to eliminate ambient EMI/RFI inside and contain RF signals from interfering with systems outside.

  • USC designs, manufactures, installs, and tests its RF shielded enclosures nationally and internationally.

  • USC's reliability, scope and quality of their services have earned them a well deserved reputation.

  • Both USC-26 and USC-44 series panels are interconnected with a framing system to form the enclosure.

  • Enclosures are completely erected from the interior and thus can be placed in proximity to parent room walls.

  • Can be dismantled, transported, re-erected, and still maintain their attenuation capabilities.

  • Parts are all numbered to enable customer to install chamber rapidly.

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Universal Modular Copper Screen RF Shielded Rooms

  USC Series 44

 Copper Screen

RF Screen Room





Modular Enclosures to ANY Size


Series 44 Copper Screen Room


The USC-44 shielding system employs the same framing structure as the USC-26. However, the upper portion of the enclosure consists of a double layer of copper screen panels instead of solid panels.

This construction has the following advantages:

 Facilitates communication between the interior and exterior of the enclosure

Dedicated ventilation is not required

 Visual observation of testing is possible from the exterior of the enclosure

Eliminates sense of confinement for the engineer

VISUAL observations of testing are possible from exterior of enclosure.

Upper vertical wall panels and ceiling are copper screen panels.

In most cases fire protection sprinklers above the enclosure meet local fire codes.





15 dB at 1 kHz, 40 dB at 15 kHz,

70 dB at 100kHz


>80 dB at 1kHz,

100 dB from 15 kHz to 10 MHz

Plane Wave

100 dB at 400 MHz

>85 dB at 1 GHz

>75 dB at 2 GHz


60 dB at 10 GHz


Neuromuscular Biomechanics Labs

Research & Development Lab

Neuroscience Laboratories

Wireless Development Lab

Software Development Lab

Electronics Repair Room

Immunity Test Chambers

Cell Phone Repair

EMC Test Labs





  • Using Parent room HVAC system


  • You can talk through the copper screen

Fire Sprinkler

  • Outside the room in most cases


  • Inside or Outside


  • You can see through the screen

Close Up of Screen Panel      Universal Copper Screen Room being Installed

Typical Series 44

Floor and lower half of walls in solid wall panels
Ceiling and upper half of walls in copper screen panels
Other variations available

Series-44 Copper Screen Room

Copper Screen Room RF Shielded Copper Screen Room
RF Shielded Copper Screen Room

Universal RF Shielded Doors

Universal enclosures provide extraordinary shielding attenuation. This is attributed to the shielded enclosure door design


RCM-154 Door with optional wood trim


Standard Manual



RF Shielded Doors


Single Knife Edge

 100 dB

RCM-154 Door 3' x 7'


Double Knife Edge

 120 dB


RCM-154 Door 3' x 7' door open


Single & Double

Leaf Doors



 Single knife Edge Door


Large Double Leaf Door (Click to Enlarge)

Latching Mechanism

USC enclosure doors are equipped with a 3-point latching mechanism for tight, RFI-EMI-secure closing. Bearing surfaces, rollers and door cams are of case-hardened tool steel, designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with no loss of attenuation capability due to friction and wear. Our doors are extremely easy to operate; they require less than 20 pounds of force on the handle.

Door Construction

To achieve the attenuation levels required, our doors are equipped with a minimum of two rows of beryllium copper "fingers" around the periphery of the door. In the closed position, the fingers contact the door frame to assure an RFI/EMI leak-proof seal. The following is a type of door/frame construction offered by USC:

Model RCM-154 Door design encompasses:

  • Single Knife Edge (100dB to 10GHz)

  • Concealed finger stock - This design results in a damage free closure seal

  • Three point latch system

  • Three adjustable hinges

  • Standard door clear opening 36" X 84"

  • All sizes are available, single and double doors

  • Optional - Outdoor MIL-STD Approved


Universal RF Shielded Room Accessories

Removable Setup Panels

I/O Penetration Panels

12" x 12" Removable Setup Panel

12" x 24" I/O Panel


White Wall Panels

White Wall Panels

White Wall Panels
White Fiberglass Wall Panels

Can be installed on the inside or outside

Brightens the Room
Easy Clean Wall Finish
Reduces Lighting Wattage

Door Sill Threshold

Equipment Ramps

Unfinished Door Sill Threshold Ramp

Works with all types of shielded doors


Protect your single and double knife edge door sills from getting crushed or bent

Fiber-Optic Feed Through


Model: WGF-4


All Metal Construction

Four - 1/4" Lines


Fiber-optic Feed Through




Works with all types of shielding

Modular, Welded, Pan & Setup Panels


Meets TEMPEST, MIL-STD-285 & NSA 65-6


Available for 1 to 12 lines

Earthquake Zones


Earthquake Zone Map

US Geological Survey, 1997



Universal Shielding Corp. can build your new shielded enclosure to meet any of the earthquake code requirements.

Universal Enclosure Shielding Attenuation Characteristics




Electric/Plane Waves

15KHz   400MHz   1GHz



USC - 26


120dB   120dB   120dB


USC - 44


100dB   100dB    >85dB


These are maximum values with optional components

Shielding effectiveness values are expressed in logarithmic, not linear, terms. Therefore, 80 dB of shielding effectiveness is not double the 40 dB level, but 100 times greater. Another way to express effectiveness is attenuation ratio, which compares the attenuation signal strength outside and inside the shield as shown below.

Shielding Effectiveness (dB)

Attenuation Ratio

Percent Attenuation


 10 : 1




 100 : 1





 1,000 : 1





 10,000 : 1





 100,000 : 1





 1,000,000 : 1



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