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RF Shielded Tent - HD Aluminum Frame

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Manufactured and Serviced in Canandaigua, NY  USA

Heavy Duty Easy-Assemble External Tubular Aluminum Frame RF Shielded Tents



Description / Features



    Series 500 RF Shielded tent

Magnetic Seal Rollup Door   Car Door for RF Shielded Tent

HD Easy-Assembly Aluminum External Frame



Series 500

Single Layer Tent


≥ 60 dB Attenuation 14 MHz to 10 GHz


Series 500

Double Layer Tent


≥ 70 dB Attenuation 1 MHz to 10 GHz






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Easy-Assemble Features

  • Free-standing shelters that need no guy wires.

  • They'll stand securely on grass, dirt, or pavement without ropes or poles.

  • Optional lengths < 48" for shipping

  • Portable and Compact

  • Heavy Duty Tubular Aluminum Construction

  • Constructed of light weight, high strength, aluminum tubing and solid aluminum fittings

  • For the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, the entire system is designed to be assembled with only a T-handle hex wrench


Tent Features

  • Basic tent has a floor which is Single or Double layer of conductive fabric sandwiched between 2 layers of heavy duty black vinyl. It is very durable

  • Storage / Transport Bag

  • Filtered or Unfiltered Power via Shielded Sleeve

   Bench Top Tent   Bench Top Tent

Bench Top Model Shown






RF Shielded Accessories

Quick Connect Fasteners

Filtered Power & I/O's

EMI / RF Shielded Fluorescent Lighting



If you need to have any metallic AC or DC Power or I/O lines inside the RF shielded tent

You Will Need an RF Shielded I/O Box


I/O Connectors

24" Fluorescent Light

RF Shielded Fluorescent Light (Click to Enlarge)

One to Twenty Lights on one circuit

EMI Shielded Fluorescent Light (Click to Enlarge)

RF Shielded Tent Door and Air Circulation Fan

RF Shielded Vestibule

Honeycomb Air Vent

Series 100 Tent with Ventilation System (Click to Enlarge)   Ventilation Fan Connected to Sleeve (Click to Enlarge)   Closeup of Fan to Sleeve Connection (Click to Enlarge)

RF Shielded Vestibule   RF Shielded Vestibule (Outside)

Magnetic Seal RF Shielded Tent Door

Unfiltered Input / Output Sleeve

LED Rope Lighting

Magnetic Seal Door 

Unfiltered Shielded Sleeve (Click to Enlarge)

LED Lighting also Air Vent (Click to Enlarge)


Shielded Tent Attenuation Levels - Average (Single Layer & Double Layer)


Shielding Effectiveness (dB)

Attenuation Ratio

Percentage of Signal Attenuation



                 10 : 1





                 100 : 1





                 1,000 : 1





                 10,000 : 1





                 100,000 : 1





                 1,000,000 : 1






 Last Updated: July 24, 2017

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