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EMC Test Turntables




Frankonia’s wide range of turntables is fully compliant with the EMC chamber environment. The turntables are available in different sizes and can be equipped with various options. The turntables are integrated flush in the raised floor and are surrounded by a conductivity grounding ring to ensure contact with the ground plane of the chamber. In accordance with the height of the raised floor of the chamber, different installation heights are available.

For the control of the turntables series FTM, the Frankonia controller FC06 is perfectly adapted. The interface is GPIB IEEE488.2, and the controlis performed via duplex optical fibers.




Flush Mount Turntables

Surface Mount Turntables


Flush Mount Turntables


FTM Series


Flush Mount Turntables


Flush Mount EMC Turntable






• Revolution speed up to 14 m/min, adjustable in 30 steps
• Slewing range from +200° to –200°
• Accuracy of 0.1°/0.2°
• Resolution of 0.1°
• Shielded drive unit
• Variable installation height for integration into raised floor or pit
• Equipped for MIL-STD 461 F

4' (1.2m) to 13' (4.0m) Diameters are Standard

Other Sizes Are Available


Frankonia Flush Mount EMC Test Turntable



Flush Mount Turntables Standard Models


Frankonia EMC Turntables


Frankonia Large EMC Turntables



EMC Turntable Options
LISNs and Power Receptacles

EMC Turntable Options


• Central connection panel (CP) (300 mm), equipped with sockets and set of connectors
• Integrated exhaust system
• Heavyweight turntables
• Customization, e.g., to carry special equipment under the floor
• Integrated energy chain for electric or data line





Surface Mount Mobile Turntables


FTM Mobile Turntable


Surface Mount Turntables


Mobile Surface EMC Turntable 





Frankonia’s mobile turntable FTM is available in two sizes, FTM 0.6-0.3 and FTM 0.8-0.3. Both versions are designed to carry loads of up to 300 kg and to be used in anechoic chambers. Two handles are provided for easy transportation of this small turntable.
The interface is GPIB IEEE488.2, and the control is performed via duplex optical fibers.

• Rotational speed 0.5 rpm to 3 rpm, adjustable in 30 steps
• Slewing range from +200° to -200°
• Accuracy of 0.1°
• Resolution of 0.1°
• Shielded drive unit

Mobile Turntable – FTM 0.6-0.3/ FTM 0.8-0.3
Technical Specifications
Version FTM 0.6-0.3 FTM 0.8-0.3
Diamater ř 0.6 m (1.97') ř 0.8 m (2.62')
Maximum load 0.3 tons 0.3 tons
Height 205 mm (8") 205 mm (8")
Surface cover plate 8.0 mm aluminium 8.0 mm aluminum





 System Controller


Model FC-06


Frankonia FC-06 Turntable Controller 


Accuracy of 0.1°/0.2°

Resolution of 0.1°




• Able to control up to six devices
• 19” rack mounting possibility
• Easy and user-friendly software design
• Software updates via USB

Controller FC06 Technical Specification

Dimension (L x W x H) 482.6 mm x 284.5 mm x 88.9 mm
19” rack case, 2 RU
Weight 2 kg

Frankonia’s software for the FC06 runs on any Microsoft Windows® operating system. The software offers two main functions to control and command:
• Combination of up to 6 positioning devices
• Control of devices via optical signal
• Real-time position of each device
• WebVisu software control for tablet, computers or any other mobile devices
• Full programmable functionality due to customer specific test scenario
• Preset a specific test procedure with loop function
• User-friendly interface

The software uses either a USB or GPIB interface to exchange control commands and to receive real-time position information.
EMC Test Software


System Controller


Model FC-05


Frankonia FC-05 Controller


4 Channel




Main Characteristics
• Multi-Device Positioning Controller for simultaneous operation of up to four different positioning units
• Compatible with all new Frankonia antenna masts, turntables and other positioning equipment
• Compatible with industry standard software
• IEEE 488 (GPIB) and USB interfaces






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