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EMC Standards

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 EMC Standards - USA & European

Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of EMC standards. The list includes CISPR, IEC, ISO, European EN, FCC, and MIL-STD. There is also a link to the GR-1089-CORE EMC and product safety standards for network telecommunications equipment. See Below.

In order to put an electrical or electronic devices on the market, the device is required to comply with EMC standards during its design, development, and manufacture. This applies to commercial and military products.

The EMC standards define the frequency range and limit of unnecessary radiation to prevent telecommunication and broadcasting devices (such as those that use an assigned frequency range for radio communication) and electrical/electronic devices from being interrupted, causing interference, or other similar problems.

Frequency range assignment is critical for ensuring important radio communication (e.g. fire services or police radio) and TV broadcasting, and preventing radio interference.

The EMC standards play an important role in adjusting the frequency range assignment.

Another purpose of the EMC standards is to protect electrical/electronic devices from being subject to various interferences (including lightning surges and static electricity) or damage, by minimizing hazards found in their operating environments.





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