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Antenna Mounts, Tripods and Accessories







How the SNAP! Mount Works

All Sunol antennas have a 22 mm diameter stainless steel rear mounting tube.  This configuration enables polarization changes without physical displacement of the antenna, and minimizes the effect of the RF cable by keeping it well behind the antenna elements.  The Sunol SNAP! mount provides a secure interface to most antenna positioning towers.  It locks the antenna in place, prevents unwanted rotation and facilitates rapid antenna changes.

SNAP! Mount

  • Quick

  • Secure

  • No Teetering

  • No Unwanted Rotation

  • SNAP-1 for Towers

  • TRAM-1 for Tripods (below)




Model TRAM-1


Tripod Mount

for mounting Sunol Antennas with

SNAP! Mounts to a tripod


The Sunol TRAM-1 mount provides a secure interface to most antenna tripods.  It locks the antenna in place, prevents unwanted rotation and facilitates rapid antenna changes.

J-100-2 Tripod shown with JB6 Antenna and TRAM-1 Mount


Model J-100-2


Antenna Tripod


Wood Tripod features the Tri-Lock mechanism, are made of hardrock maple, can lower to 12" at maximum leg spread, and are available with 1/4-20 (standard) or 3/8-16 mounting screws.

62" Maximum Height

113" with Optional Leg Extensions


Model PD-1


Tripod and Polarization Mount

for the PD Series and

small LP Series of Antennas





Height (V)

 12.25 in.

Thickness support

 1.0 in. (2.54 cm)

Thickness base

 3.0 in. (7.6 cm)


  ≈ 2 lb. (.9 kg)



Tripod mount hole

 " - 20 thread

Antenna Mount hole



Model HC1


Carrying & Shipping Case

for Sunol JB Series Antennas





  • Heavy Duty Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • Case meets the Airline Transport Association (A.T.A.) specifications for durability of reusable shipping containers
  • All Recessed Hardware
  • All latches, corners, handles, clamps and hinges are made of heavy gauge steel and are zinc coated for rust protection
  • Foam Lined with Inserts
  • Dimensions: 45 Wide x 34 Deep x 12 High
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • For JB Series Antennas
  • Also can hold 2 - LP antennas and 2- BC antennas (for NSA calibrated sets)


  Top of AM-PIVOT (Click to Enlarge)  Side View of AM-PIVOT (Click to Enlarge)  Side View of AM-PIVOT (Click to Enlarge)



Antenna Mounts





 (top is flat, not machined)





Pivots from Horizontal to Vertical Polarity

  •  The AM-PIVOT mount is designed for large antennas

  •  Designed for tripods (TRI-150R Above)

  •  Other antenna stands or others with 1/4"-20 threads

  •  Commercial grade plastic (Delron)






Video Camera Positioning Mount




  • Video Camera Manual Pan Tilt Mount

  • Designed for Fixed Position Cameras

  • Position Camera without motorized Pan & Tilt

  • 360 Rotation in X/Y plane

  • 180 Rotation in Z axis

  • Also works for lightweight antennas




Non-Conductive & RF Invisible





Model: TRI-150R


Supports 100 lbs




The TDK RF Solutions TRI-150R tripod is designed specifically for mounting antennas and video cameras in EMC test environments. The tripod is constructed of durable, non-conductive, commercial grade fiberglass and plastic that provide the necessary stability while allowing for portability.

The sturdy, fixed-length fiberglass legs feature adjustable foot pads to accommodate uneven floor surfaces. The legs fold inward for storage or transportation between test sites.

  • 1/4 - 20 screw mount adapter

  • Adjusts from 100 cm to 150 cm in height (Custom Available)

  • Integrated level to allow quick and accurate positioning

  • Custom antenna mount adapters available

  • Custom video camera mount adapters available

  • Supports up to 45 kg (100 lbs.)

Antenna Mounts



Mount with 5/8" Collar



Mount with 7/8" Collar



Mount with 1" Collar



Mount with 22mm Collar

TDK RF Solutions

The standard 3" AM-Series mounts are designed for small antennas and accept our own tripods & antenna stands or others with 1/4"-20 threads.

Phenolic Tube

(shown with the mount)


AMPT-58  Phenolic tube 5/8" dia.

AMPT-78  Phenolic tube 7/8" dia.

AMPT-1    Phenolic tube 1" dia.

TDK RF Solutions

Phenolic tubes are sized to match the mounts listed above. Required for Dipoles, EFB's and other small antennas.

Antenna Mounting Bolt

AMB-Q20x3 Bolt 1/4"-20 x 3" L

TDK RF Solutions

Antenna mounting bolt is used to attach the mounts above to our antenna masts & tripods or others that have a 2" mounting.

Antenna Mount Clamp

AM-2CA-xx  Clamp Assembly 2"

(xx - Represents antenna model number)

TDK RF Solutions

Antenna mount 2" clamp assembly is used to attach large antennas to our masts and others.

Fits TDK RF Solutions, Sunol Sciences, EMCO and ETS mast booms.


Sunol Website      TDK RF Website




 Last Updated: June 23, 2017

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