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MRI Shield Rooms

Universal Shielding Corp.

Universal Shielding Corp.

Manufactured and Serviced in Deer Park, NY USA


Universal Shielding Corp. (USC) was established in 1972 and during this time span has provided in excess of 40,000 pre-fabricated shielded enclosures to military, commercial and medical facilities. USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception.

  • Enclosures tested to NSA-65-5 and MIL-STD-285 specifications.

  • USC designs, manufactures, installs, and tests its MRI enclosures nationally and internationally.

  • USC's reliability, scope and quality of their services have earned them a well deserved reputation.

  • Enclosures have been approved by all MRI manufacturers.


MRI Architectural Specification Information (pdf files)


Specifications     Drawings



 MRI Modular Shielded Rooms




MRI Shield Room




Modular Enclosures to ANY Size






Universal Shielding Corp. is recognized as a leader in the medical industry for providing safe, interference-free environments for MRI. MRI Shielded enclosures are not developed without a deep understanding of the problems faced by every customer, the RF shielding requirements of the specific MRI machines, and the expert knowledge of assembling and testing a shielded enclosure at the site. Our experienced staff of designers, engineers, manufacturing staff, and installation crews have the necessary in depth knowledge to meet the shielded enclosure requirements of all MRI vendors.

We are extremely proud of our reputation for on-time delivery, safety, reliability, and expertise.




100 dB from 1 MHz to 30 MHz

Electric Fields


Plane Wave

100 dB from 10 MHz to 100 MHz

Plane Wave

100 dB from 400 MHz to 10 GHz


100 dB at 10 GHz



RF Shield Doors


Clear Glass






A shielded enclosure is only as effective as its access door.


Universal's unique design has proven its capability throughout the industry for the past 45 years.



  • Lightweight and easily operable

  • Excellent shielding characteristics

  • Aesthetically enhanced for medical environment

  • Two (2) rows of fingerstock seals concealed in brass extrusion

  • Easily serviceable and low maintenance

  • Doors finished with manual openers, hands free operation and various finishes.

  • Flush sills for easy entry



MRI Architectural


View Windows






Universal RF shielded windows are designed to meet MRI attenuation specifications.


Crafted from a double layer of wire cloth with associated glazing, each window is coated to minimize visual moiré patterns.


Sliding windows are also available

Windows may be fabricated for skylights as well as large viewing areas.


MRI Lighted Murals


When a window isn't practical add a tranquil scene or advertising anywhere in the room




RF Shielded back lit mural enclosures

Wood or Metal Framed

Standard fluorescent or LED lights

  • Sizes

  • 4' x 4'

  • 4' x 6'

  • 4' x 8'

  • Custom

No screen interference

Just add your mural or advertising



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